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Getting into a Career Trading in Stocks and Shares

Advice for Students on getting into a Career Trading in Stocks and Shares

If you are a late Millennium child, that is to say you were born between the years 1995 and 2000, then currently you may be looking to start your professional career. With potential rewards aplenty and more opportunities than ever before, trading stocks and shares is proving a popular choice among the Generation Y.

What is Stocks and Shares Trading?

Simply put stocks and shares trading is the process of buying and selling of certificates on the stock market, the certificates denote a stake in a particular asset, whether that be ownership of a company or other assets such as commodities. The idea is that traders buy stocks and shares at a particular price and then sell them on for a profit.

A Career in Stocks and Shares

People who do well in a career in stocks and shares trading tend to be very competitive and have the ability to work effectively whilst under a great deal of pressure. If that sounds like you and you want to follow the traditional route into a career in stocks and shares trading you will need to gain a qualification in one of the relevant areas; business, economics and maths being three that spring directly to mind. Once you have a qualification and some kind of work experience has been achieved, then you need to start looking to secure a job at a company that specialise in stocks and shares trading.

Alternative Routes into Stocks and Shares Trading

Digital technology and in particular online trading platforms have led to a surge in the amount of people choosing to become independent investors. Online trading platforms and companies allow you to access many different types of investment opportunities; share dealing or ETF trading is among one of the more popular ways to invest and involves you investing money into a fund, the money is then invested for you. This type of investment could be used along with one or more alternative, giving you a little diversity in your burgeoning investment portfolio.

The way you approach starting a career in stocks and shares will depend largely on the type of person you are and your own personal circumstances. But irrespective of whether you follow a traditional route and secure a job at a financial company or opt to edge your way into the industry as an independent investor you can be sure that if you adopt a measured and focused approach, the potential rewards are there for the taking.



  • Date published: 25th August 2016
  • Written by: Ian Thomas