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9 ways you can get into marketing after graduating

Marketing is an attractive proposition for many graduates and it’s easy to see why. It’s creative, digitally-savvy, varied and in-demand.

Your university days are a fantastic experience with the chance to broaden academic horizons and, let’s face it, party hard with great friends. Once your time is up it’s time to get serious and throw yourself into the world of work.
Marketing is an attractive proposition for many graduates and it’s easy to see why. It’s creative, digitally-savvy, varied and in-demand. So, all sounds good so far… but what are the ways to jump onto the ladder? Here’s the paths you can take to get into a marketing career…
Writer: If you’re in marketing for longer than five minutes you’ll hear the term ‘content is king’. It’s true that trained writers are valued – particularly by digital agencies and firms keen to meet Google’s expectations. If you can write persuasive copy you will enjoy a path into marketing. You can write anything from features to shorter, snappier website copy or even succinct text messages for effective campaigns, such as those on this website.
Developer: People with a real flair for getting the most out of the digital hardware and software available are needed in marketing. If you can make good websites you’ll be a vital cog in a business’ bid to promote themselves.
Design: Great graphics and eye-catching branding lie at the very heart of marketing. That can be in print or online. Taking a concept and using design nous to build it into a campaign is an underrated skill and is a great way for someone with an artistic eye to channel their talents into a paid position.
Analyst: People with a good eye for numbers can find a home in a marketing career. Someone who can source and interpret data – be that on the performance of campaigns, the strength of competitors or data on the habits of customers – and turn that into insightful lessons will find that their mathematical skills are put to good use.
Social media: Do you know how to engage people are get them to share and like content? Social media is a big part of the modern marketing toolbox and experts in this field can specialise in taking care of a brand’s output on important platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to build their relationships with customers.
SEO: Do you know the inner-workings of the world wide web? Someone with an intuitive grasp of why things are successful and what’s required to get you noticed online is worth their weight in gold.
Those are just some of the roles you can take within marketing – but it’s important to remember that there are also different places to earn your living.
Agency: Agencies are specialists who handle marketing functions for other companies. These will typically have a range of clients, meaning there should be a big variety in the types of people you work for.
Company: Alternatively you can head to a company’s in-house marketing team. While there is less variety here, if you are working for a brand you understand and love then it can be a really rewarding way to work in an area you are passionate about.
Freelance: Of course the beauty of the modern digital age is that it is possible to set yourself up as a freelancer and offer your services out to companies yourself, probably as a specialist in one of the roles outlined above.
As you’ll have seen ‘marketing’ really is a catch-all term covering a myriad of roles and skills. It doesn’t mean one specific job and doesn’t have one way to get into it. That’s why it is well suited to an all-rounder who is fresh from university and is ready for an exciting challenge in the world of work.
  • Date published: 07th September 2015
  • Written by: Benjamin Campbell

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