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Graduate careers fairs

List of national graduate fairs 2014

List of national graduate fairs 14

National list of university and graduate careers fairs in the UK for  2014

19th February  2014
Language Futures    
University of Salford    

5th March 2014
Built Environment Industry Insight Event    
University of Salford    

6th March 2014
Careers Fair    
Bradford College    

19th March 2014
The Spring Graduate Fair at the University of London sponsored by WikiJobs    

26th March 2014
Teaching and Education Fair    
Bradford College        

7th May 2014
The NTU National Recruitment Fair 2014    
City Campus, Nottingham    

20th May2014
University of Surrey Summer Recruitment Fair    

30th May 2014
Graduate Recruitment Fair    

  • Date published: 01st October 2015

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