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Exhibtr Announce Annual Student Photography Competition Winners

Exhibtr and Olympus UK are pleased to announce the winners of 2015/16 Student Photography Awards.

Exhibtr and Olympus are pleased to announce that Stephen Allwright, Veronika Latanovskaya and Megan Ogden are the winners of this years international Student Photography Competition on the subject ‘Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle’.
First Place and Overall Winner, goes to ‘Cambridge School of Art’ student, Steven Allwright for ‘Caprice’. The Judges commented ‘Stephen’s image encapsulates the spirit of the theme. Fashion/beauty photography requires a synergy between styling, lighting and composition and we felt Stephen’s image communicated this really well. Stephen will receive a superb Olympus OMD E-M1, a camera that is used by amateurs and professionals alike and loved both for its high quality images and good looks.

Stephen explains ‘I am a Cambridge based photographer who spent several years bouncing between interests before sublimating fully into photography. A few years spent learning finally led me to a photography course at the University of Bedfordshire then rapidly on to study a BA in Photography at Cambridge School of Art. I work primarily in the areas of portraiture, beauty and editorial photography with occasional diversions into the bizarre, macabre and quirky.  The winning shot was taken on my university’s Phase One P45 and 645DF.
Second Place goes to Portsmouth University student Veronika Latanovskaya for ‘Martyna’. The judges commented ‘Veronika’s submission was very powerful; we loved the styling and concept. As with the winning entry, we felt she embodied the theme and is most deserving of her award’. Veronica’s prize is an Olympus PEN E-PL7
Estonian based photographer, Veronika is currently studying for an honours degree in Photography at the University of Portsmouth. She adds ‘My photographic journey started at an early age with help from my grandfather who gave me a German analogue camera. My interest began to grow stronger, as I travelled the streets of my hometown Tallinn, experimenting with framing and the conceptual aspects of photography. The techniques and skills that I learnt were self-taught and gained with my experience working as both the artist and occasional model’.
Veronika further elaborates, ‘in my work, I try to show the beauty of abnormal image in the world. I believe, that everything that stands out of normality, everything that disturbs, makes you wonder, gaze, terrifies – creates a more interesting and unique world around us. Personally, I am interested in the questions of mortality, but not seeing it as something full of sorrow and desperation, but as harmony of peace, silence and the feeling of inevitability, something that we always have to bare in mind, but not be afraid of. In my work I like to use high contrast, which helps to highlight the textures and details on which I want to focus the viewer’s eye. I work on both analogue and digital cameras, experimenting with different equipment and lights’.
Third place goes to ‘East Durham College’ student Megan Ogden for her image ‘Back Yard Junkie’. Megan has been interested in photography since the age of 13 and hopes to make a career in photography. Megan’s work is eclectic in nature with an interest across a wide range of subjects. Her entry has strong links to youth culture. Megan wins an Olympus STYLUS TG860.
About her image she elaborates ‘Personally, what I specifically like about this image is how ‘he’ is the main subject with the street behind him. The idea of this image represents today’s youth in my area that believe its ‘cool’ to use depression as a trend whilst smoking cigarettes, getting stoned and off their face with alcohol, thinking there is nothing else to life than being deep, sad and getting high.’

  • Date published: 07th March 2016
  • Photography by: Stephen Allwright, Veronika Latanovskaya and Megan Ogden



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