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Theatre Ad Infinitum’s multi award-winning Ballad of the Burning Star on tour January-March 2014

Armed with music, killer heels and a lethal troop of divas, an enraged Israeli executes a story of victimhood, persecution, aggression and love.

With shrapnel-sharp voices and moves as smooth as an oiled tank chain, this cabaret troop invites you on a journey into the core of the conflicted Jewish State. 

Following the sell-out success of its premiere at Edinburgh Fringe 2013, Theatre Ad Infinitum takes its new award-winning musical play Ballad of the Burning Star on tour, including 2 nights at The Lowry, Salford on 11 and 12 February 2014. The tour also includes a 3-week London run at the Battersea Arts Centre.  Ballad is the story of one Jewish boy’s struggle to come to terms with the conflict raging in his homeland, Israel – and it’s all told in a daring, satirical and provocative way - – starting with a bomb ….

The full force of this emotional and passionate political story unfolds with biting wit and passion through a cacophonic concoction of cabaret, drag, physical storytelling, original songs, live music and new writing. Co-Artistic Director, Israeli-born Nir Paldi, is writer, director and co-performer of the company’s Edinburgh hit, which is inspired by his own experiences growing up in Israel.  

Nir stars in the show as its MC, the high-heeled and hairy-chested drag-queen 'STAR', supported by a glittering troupe: her secret weapon, THE STARLETS.  Together, under a shining Star of David mirror ball, they examine an Israeli man’s childhood in a Jewish settlement built on occupied Palestinian territory, the perpetual war that tore his family apart, and the traumatic events of his military service that made him ask: “Am I a victim or a persecutor?”

 “I wanted to explore the identity crisis facing my homeland, Israel," says Nir Paldi. “It was a big risk for me, highlighting and publicly airing the bare facts of the conflicts and contradictions of today’s Israel. This is a dark subject matter, but we have approached it playfully. Elements of cabaret, sanguine humour, and drag act as a colourful counter-balance to the tragic elements of our story. And it’s worked; Ballad provoked passionate debate and reactions - from anger and sadness to excitement and astonishment - at Edinburgh.  We’re now really looking forward to coming to the Lowry again. We can't wait to find out what new audiences will make of it..!"

Ballad will tour to:

  • Wellington School, Somerset 30 January 2014 Tel: 01823 668850
  • The Tolmen Centre, Constantine, Cornwall 31 January and 1 February Tel 01326 341353
  • Theatre At The Mill, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, 4th Feb Tel: 028 9034 0202
  • Bristol Old Vic, 6th, 7th, 8th Feb (includes matinee) 0117 987 7877,
  • The Lowry, Salford 11th, 12th February Tel 0843 208 6010, 
  • The North Wall, Oxford 13th & 14th February – Oxford, Tel 01865 319450,
  • Battersea Arts Centre, London, 17th Feb – 8th March (No show 23 Feb & 2 March), Tel: 020 7223 2223,
  • Unity Theatre, Liverpool, 11th, 12th March  Tel: 0844 873 2888,
  • Lakeside Theatre, University of Essex, Colchester, 13th March, Tel: 01206 873261

Theatre Ad Infinitum’s Ballad of the Burning Star Tickets range from  £15.00 - £17.00  For information info visit: 

  • Date published: 07th January 2014
  • Written by: Elizabeth Savage
  • Photography by: Alex Brunner



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