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When Adam Lacroft met death

Death, in the form of a sexy, capricious twenty-something woman, offers a teenage boy a questionable way to win back his life in 19-year-old author’s debut novel.

Adam Lacroft is a carefree seventeen-year-old, in love, with a perfect slacker future in front of him - until a reckless driver crashes into his car and threatens to take all of that away. When Adam wakes up in an empty white room, a cute girl sitting by his side giggles and explains to him that he is now dead. Coquettish and border-line psychotic, the girl produces a few demonstrations that scare Adam and verify the reality of his state of being. A proper introduction is then made and Adam Lacroft meets Death herself. Death, however, tells Adam he may call her Eve.

Feeling sympathy (or is it something else?) for Adam, Eve strikes-up a deal with him: if he can find and kill the driver who caused his accident within three days, Adam gets to turn 18 and find his natural end some other time. Having no clue of what to do next, Adam confides his rather strange predicament in his friend Erica and, together, they begin searching for the man who caused the accident. Their mission is unconscionable enough, but as Adam and Erica find out more about their target, they find less of Eve’s version of the events ring true. Death is spoilt and condescending and, despite seeming to have a crush on Adam, is constantly setting him up to fail.

Although written for Young Adult readers by this author who is a Young Adult himself, When Adam Lacroft Met Death is also a story for those who are intrigued by mysteries surrounding death. Death has many times been portrayed as a human being (The Book Thief, Death Takes a Holiday and Meet Joe Black, among others), with the fascinating idea of death as an entity you can speak to and anger. Written by a teenager, When Adam Lacroft Met Death has a narrator that, like many teenage boys, is genuinely uninformed and immature. In lively opposition to this tone, the book is, above all else, a tale about corruption of character and ideals and lives spiraling out of control in a desperate attempt to survive.

About the author: Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, 19-year-old Carlos Paolini grew-up wanting to be a writer, but chose to study law instead, which he quit after three months, deciding to spend the remainder of the year being inspired by various films and literature, all of which fed his creativity to write his first novel. He is currently attending Florida International University to pursue a career in Advertising while he completes the rest of the When Adam Lacroft Met Death trilogy.

When Adam Lacroft Met Death by Carlos Paolini, published by New Generation (RRP £6.99, e-book £4.99), will be available from 1st October online at retailers including

  • Date published: 21st October 2013
  • Written by: Ian Thomas



  • "' is also a great way to prepare yourself for the working environment.'"

    Roman Winter

  • ""A strong Arguement" but "Europe: Yet another perspective, on the things you probably know" "

    Wils Hunt

  • "Aim. Paint. Write. Act. Do."

    Carlos Paolini


    Fabian de Fabiani