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Driving Lolita: swinging us into action with their new single Swing Me

Founded by ex Radio 1 DJ, D-code, Driving Lolita brings their clash of drum and bass and rock led by the singer Graziella Affinita former X Factor contestant.

D-Code is the ex Radio 1 dj on a mission to bring his fusion of rock and drum’n’bass to a wider audience. 

After a few years in the lab with past X Factor contender, Graziella Affinita and the two other members Abrar and Arrows Down they collectively released Swing Me on the 17 03 14 as their first single from their coming album.

Student Times spoke to the founder D-Code to get some back ground on the band.

How did Driving Lolita get together? 
Driving Lolita is the result of wanting more from the music I was making. I was a Drum’n’ Bass DJ with some decent releases and also a presenter on Radio 1. After that I really wanted to try something different. I knew I wanted to involve heavy collaborations, reference musical history and go live.  I was lucky enough to have a very didactic musical experience growing up, simply because the 90’s were such a musically opulent era - all these barriers between genres were falling. As the idea grew, so did the number of players: Abrar Hafiz; co-founder of late 90's punk band Sona Fariq, singer/songwriter Arrows Down and Graziella Affinita part of the Foreign Beggars family.

The name for the band is very interesting?

Our name came from a track on the album called 'Driving Lolita'. We all agreed that it encapsulated everything the music is about: sex, lust, adrenal rush, excitement, loosing your innocence. It's these types of feelings we're trying to emancipate in our music so it made sense to use it as the band's name. 

As Driving Lolita you've played Radio 1's Hackney Weekend and performed at Maida Vale but you have been quiet up until now; why is that?            

We had an amazing time touring worldwide throughout 2012/2013 as it allowed us to road test all of our material. After Maida Vale last July we decided that it was time to lock ourselves away to finish the album. I also became a Dad which put a beautiful spin on things!

Explain the whole idea behind Swing Me and the video? 

The song was a bit of a happy accident to be honest. We went into the studio to attempt some kind of alchemy with no real expectations - just for a laugh really. The outcome was quite the opposite. There was this sleazy poignancy in the groove that was venomous, dangerous and infectious. It really turned me and Abrar on! When Graziella heard it she felt the same thing and wrote the lyrics in about 30 minutes flat. The idea for the video came from wanting to visualise the characteristics of Swing Me. We wanted to write a narrative which correlated with the feelings. Sadomasochism in Soho we thought would do the job. 

What is next for Driving Lolita? 

Another single, album release then touring, touring and more touring-we love the road and want to be on it as much as possible.


  • Date published: 26th March 2014
  • Written by: Carlos Sanchez



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