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The Glory of 3.R.D

3rd Related Dreams are the three rappers bringing their brand of hip-hop to a larger audience.

After leaving their individual paths in professions like law the three have taken the calculated risk to realise their musical aspirations. 

Glory is that first single to that effect and its ‘rumbunctious’ to say the least!

How and why did you eventually take the bold decision to leave your individual jobs it was a big risk?

JonSow- We've always had the view that if you are not taking a risk in life then you are not living.  We felt the only way to become successful was to commit ourselves full time and work on perfecting our crafts. Working full time and being in the studio for at least 8 hours a day took its toll but obviously due to the fact that we're an independent act we still had to make an income by selling beats and charging for studio time which allowed us to quit our day jobs.

What were your individual paths into music? 

Future the producer-I started off producing with fruity loops as a hobby. I always had an interest in production and went to college to learn more about the technical side of producing once I mastered fruity loops I moved onto logic, reason and pro tools. I used to sit on the mac all day trying to figure out how to manipulate sounds and structure a full instrumental. Producing was an escape for me.

AJ-  I saw myself as somewhat of a poet. I used to read my mum's poems and try and turn them into raps. I’ve always had a thing about specific words that evoke certain emotions in a person so when I began rapping I thought a lot about word play. To begin with I was more into producing but when future the producer started taking his producing seriously it actually inspired me to rap over his beats. He would make these monstrous beats which I felt compelled to rap over. 

JonSow-  I’ve always loved singing ever since I was a child. The only thing is I didn't even  know I could sing until my cousin told me I had a great voice. When my brothers and I would jam in the back room they automatically looked at me when we needed a chorus. Everything slipped into place quite naturally when it comes to our music. There wasn't much to think about when we decided to become a music group. 

‘3 Related Dreams' are your dreams always related? 

AJ- In all honesty no; we do have our differences artistically and outside our music. One thing is that we always find a middle ground, especially when it comes to music 

People say there is no such thing as ‘uk hip-hop' what are your thoughts?

AJ- Music is very much interpreted in the ears of the listener. I would say there is such thing as UK hip hop even if it does have an edge to it. 

Jonsow- There's not many artist in the UK that would classify themselves as hip hop artists especially not in the main stream. I would like to see who rises to the occasion with raw Uk hip hop material 

Future the producer-I think there's a particular formula for hip hop, I haven't heard that from the UK as of yet.

Glory is an anthem talk about it for me?

Jonsow- Glory is an anthem! It's just a track to show case a different dimension of sounds, rap flows and a beautifully sung bridge. This was specifically to get the crowd going without sounding too much like a club track-something with meaning behind it. When someone has a talent or something to be proud, there's always a group of people "haters" that try and take your shine or glory. This is a statement - this is my "Glory" don't take it from me. 

What can we expect from your mix-tape?  

All Men Dream is a collection of urban sounds hip hop rap rnb and even an undertone of rock. You can expect to hear original fusion of heavy base lines, lead guitars and synths. We are trying to create a rich theatrical sound with different dynamics. 

What's been the biggest milestone to date in your careers? 

Our proudest moment is yet to come however the completion of All Men Dream is a proud moment for us and a piece we are proud of.

  • Date published: 29th May 2014
  • Written by: Carlos Sánchez



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    Roman Winter

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    Wils Hunt

  • "Aim. Paint. Write. Act. Do."

    Carlos Paolini


    Fabian de Fabiani