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The Indie sound of Ryker Sear

Student Times got together with Ryker Sear the four-piece alternative-rock band based in Buckinghamshire . The band is female lead by Regan Vincenza (lead vocals/ guitar) with James Torselli (Bass), Lewis Butler ( lead guitar) and Harry Shaw (drums).

With a name that sounds like some super hero Ryker Sear bring an indie sound that smells of teenage spirit. Headed up by their lead singer and founder Regan Vincenza, Ryker drop their new single the catchy Forever criminal.

Ryker Sear why the name it sounds very different?

Coming up with a good band name is pretty difficult, and I knew I didn't want us to be a 'The' band, but I was finding it hard to get the right words. One day though, I walked into my living room and Star Trek The Next Generation was on. I heard Captain Picard say something to Commander Riker, and it just sounded really great! So I wrote it down with a different spelling. The 'Sear' part, doesn’t have any particular meaning, it simply felt like it sounded right with 'Ryker'.

How did the group start and were you all always going to be in music?

Sounds cheesy, but I always knew I would be involved in music somehow my whole life. I've loved it since I was tiny, and it was my strongest subject at school! I always performed, sang and wrote pieces, but it was later that I realised I wanted to, and could be in a band. After uni, I recorded some of my songs at Tin Pan Alley in London, and the band started when I met James on, how old does that make us sound??! He sent me a message, saying he had heard the demos on my page, and wanted to know if I was still looking for a bassist. He auditioned, and it went on from there. He obviously made the cut! He mentioned once that when he was a kid he wanted to play football for Manchester United... Maybe that's why he plays a lot of Football Manager now!

Forever Criminal, explain the inspiration behind the track?

I've written a lot of stuff that has been based on things that actually happened to me, but with this one I tried to come up with a totally different concept. The idea being, what it would feel like to have to kill someone to save your own life, with a split second to decide. You'd feel terrible, scared, panicked. You'd have to start running and be on the run forever knowing what you had done.

Explain the video and the whole barn scene?

Ah, the barn and the pallets...the video concept changed quite a lot, but we thought that having a whole load of pallets would create an atmospheric, slightly eerie vibe that would suit the song. We also had a load of cool random stuff on the set, old record players, boxes, and a globe, to make it feel like it was an abandoned warehouse where something creepy had been happening. Unfortunately, a lot of that stuff you can't see clearly in the final cut, but you get a closer look of what it was like in our 'behind the scenes' video. Me and the guys have two different looks. One 'clean' and the other 'dirty' where we had the bruises.. During the video, it swaps between the looks, to give a kind of uneasy, are we guilty or not element. The numbers on the guys’ boiler suits are the prison numbers of some well-known convicts...see if you can figure out who they were!

What are your plans for the coming year?

We've been recording since January, and we have a bit more to do yet, but the good news is we have 4 brand new songs that will be coming out soon, one that even mentions Miley Cyrus and her infamous wrecking ball...! Apart from new material, touring is a big thing for us this year. We want to do a couple of tours towards the end of the summer, autumn time. We've been going out to a lot of shows, meeting other bands, networking and that – it’s fun!

What are your long term aspirations?

Well, other than world domination, we just want as many people to be able to hear our music as possible, and for it to make them feel great, help them, everything like that. When I listen to songs that I love, it makes me feel something...makes me feel better. That's the power of a great song, and I hope to bring that feeling to as many people as possible with our music.
Where will you be playing out?

We played a lot of gigs in 2012/13, so we needed to stop for a while to record the new tracks. That means there are no confirmed tour dates at the moment while we finish everything off. We'll be performing again around the end of the summer, so as tour dates come in, we'll be posting them on our official website, along with the usual Twitter  and Facebook announcements!

  • Date published: 30th May 2014
  • Written by: Carlos Sánchez



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