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Kevin McGuire is definitely on fire.

Student Times talks to the new Scottish pop singer Kevin McGuire about his career and touring with acts like Union J.

Scottish pop singer Kevin McGuire

Kevin McGuire has been called the male Taylor Swift and while he does not possess luxurious  long blond hair (because he is worth it) he does possess a brilliant pop vocal that is undoubted. 

Having supported names like Union J, Kevin is stepping out as a fresh name to bless our favourite radio stations. 

His most recent tasty treat is the buzz track Dreamin which is a simply written and infinitely catchy pop song. It’s the lead up to an official release of his single Runnin Back which evidently further confirms that Kevin has all the potential to make 2015 a very successful year.

Student Times got some time with the young gentleman to talk music and supporting acts like Deacon Blue.

Interesting comparison-'male Taylor Swift' explain?

The 'Taylor Swift' thing is something that quite a few different people have mentioned to me. I wouldn't say I was exactly like her, but out of all the artists in the charts at the moment, her blend of country meets pop meets electro/rnb (like I Knew You Were Trouble/22) is something that I've always tried to incorporate into my music. Country music is a big passion of mine, with my favourite band being Rascal Flatts. I think there's a lot more to my music and what I have to offer, for example the more contemporary pop side of things, along with a touch of rnb, especially in my vocals.

Explain your musical journey?

It was in my final year at school, having just turned 17 when I realised that music was the only thing I wanted to do. I've always sang, and I began playing the guitar and drums long before that, but 16-17 was the age I started gigging and seriously writing. Since then over the last 5 years I've been gigging all over the country, writing, recording and working with a couple of different managers and producers, just trying to find and develop the right sound along with the right team around me. 

How has your Scottish heritage affected your musical choices?

I guess there is no direct, distinct relation in my music, but I've always been exposed to music and instruments from a very young age. My parents, in particular my dad, will regularly play some Scottish music, especially around New Year! My parents are big fans of Scottish bands like Simple Minds, Love and Money, The Silencers, and I've been lucky enough to support Deacon Blue before, so growing up their CDs/cassettes were always on in the car!

You have toured with some big names what have you learnt?

Touring with artists such as UnionJ really opened my eyes to what my life could be like someday. Having thousands of fans queuing up to be in the audience, screaming your name, is something that everybody dreams of. Touring is a great experience and I've learned so much, not just from performing to such large audiences, but also the preparation side of things and how tiring it can be, but extremely rewarding!

Dreamin is a great pop song- give me an idea what you were trying to convey in the track.

I actually wrote the chorus of Dreamin' months before the verses. The whole song, in a nutshell, is about only really getting to see the girl that you love in your dreams, and not getting the opportunity to spend time with her in real life. That moment when you wake up in hope, and it's not quite hit you that it's all been a dream. The idea of "please don't wake me up, because if I'm with you, it can only possibly be a dream!" (not a line from the song).  We've all been there! I think this message is carried across as well as it could be throughout the song!

Running Back is the official single give us an idea what that is about?

Runnin' Back is basically a song dedicated to the love of your life, who walked away from you, and you're gonna do everything in your power to get her back. It's about the pain of losing somebody whilst also reminiscing about how close you were, and how perfect you thought she was. The track features rapper 'KizMusic', who people may recognise from the Ronan Keating album 'Fires'. 

What about the tour with Cafe Nero how did that happen?

The Cafe Nero tour is something that was worked on by one of my representatives who got in touch with them. Luckily for me - they loved my music, my acoustic EP, and what I had to offer. Having such a large company backing your music is a great feeling. Fingers crossed the tour goes well! 

What's the follow up plans for this year?

After the tour, I look forward to releasing my debut single Runnin' Back, along with my first every official music video which we just recently just finished shooting. From now until then, I hope to be doing a lot of radio interviews/sessions along with some magazines as well to help promote the single. Once the single is out, I hope to coincide that with another tour and some exciting shows! 

  • Date published: 25th April 2014
  • Written by: Carlos Sánchez



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