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Lemar- “I just really want to get back to enjoying music”

Over a decade in the music business Lemar talks about his personal journey to rekindle the simple process of enjoying music outside of the music business.

Lemar is a bit of a legend here in the UK having dropped six albums and garnered plaudits from all manner of places. Lemar is one of the few successes from that most irritating of TV genres the music reality show having been on Fame Academy. Dropping tracks like the soulful up-tempo number Dance With U (2003) which went onto solid commercial success in the charts-Lemar has been one of the most successful soul singers.

Over a decade (officially) in the music business and Student Times caught up with Lemar to talk about his career, fatherhood and his wish to get back on the stage performing live music.

I spoke to Lisa Stansfield who said that the business of music did affect her ability to enjoy music what are your thoughts?

Oh definitely. I remember when I was growing up and I was seventeen there was this guy who kind of discovered me. We were listening to Faith Evans and I remember him analysing the song negatively (because he was an engineer) and I thought, ‘why don’t you just listen to the music?’ Once you get into music however and it is your source of income you kind of have to analyse it.

I am sure you have been asked quite a few times but how has the music industry changed since you came onto the scene?

It is very very different. I think it is more difficult to come out now as an artist you still have to do the ground work touring and so on but it is harder to make yourself stand out. Before you would go down to the record shop but if you want to do that online you have to go through a lot of really mediocre stuff.

And your thoughts on the internet in relation to music?

I think the internet is a great thing but I think there is a lot of white noise in terms of music out there. Unless you have like a spare afternoon to really trawl through stuff to find a gem then you are kind of left to the mercy of advertising and what is forced in front of you.

So before we get onto your music just quickly how is fatherhood?

It’s a good thing but there is no manual on how to be a father so you are always learning but when you have them you realise they bring you a lot of joy and they help you to become more focused. It is a grounding experience and an energizing experience. 

So this year you are playing the Jazz Café again.

Yes I have played there so many times so it will be great to get back there. When I have been out and about fans have been asking me when I would be doing another live gig? This is me just wanting to get out with the band. About two years ago I did like a mini tour to celebrate my ten years and we had some great times so I just thought let’s do this and get out and do what I love which is getting on stage.-the band are really up for it actually.

You clearly seemed to have missed the vibe of performing live.

Definitely, I just really really love the stage. There is nothing like writing a song and imagining the impact it will have with an audience and getting that feedback. Or someone saying this song touched them it is all really inspirational and indeed not many people get to do a job that they really love but I love my job so I cannot wait for people to see me performing some new material.
And lastly talking about new material; what can your fans expect this year?

Well I have a lot of material and so we are kind of in the strategy stage regarding how we want to release stuff but I will definitely be making a release this year that might be followed by another album fairly quickly to follow in the next year.  The thing is I just really want to get back to enjoying music and enjoying the process of creating and hopefully the fans will love what I bring to them. 


  • Date published: 07th April 2014
  • Written by: Semper Azeez-Harris



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