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Marty Mckay explores the seven deadly sins

Marty McKay, the Zurich born artist who has performed at Glastonbury (2009) and toured with Vanilla Ice, brings Project 7 to the masses bursting with high ideals and self exploration.

Marty Mckay brings a project that takes things back to the old school in some respects bring a heady fusion of hip-hop and rock with his debut, project 7. It kind of has that old skool flex when the Beastie Boys came out but of course this is now and while there are similarities, Marty Mckay has taken a relatively new approach to this while thing of music.

Rather than approach matters in the generic release of an album he has taken things down the multi-media path and releases not only an album but novel to boot. It’s a novel that delves into the graphic novel genre and indeed it does work in many respects building and contributing to Marty’s lofty expectations to explore the seven sins in his album Sin’s Disciple. 

Who inspired you as a kid?

A friend of mine introduced me to hip hop when I was 14 years old. He listened to artists like Ice Cube, Public Enemy and Hijack. They all had a distinct look, image, message and sound. Nobody sounded like the next cat, unlike today. So that uniqueness was a huge inspiration. 

What's the rap scene like in Zurich and was it an influence if any?

I wouldn't call it a scene anymore, it's just way too small for that. Rap in Zurich, and Switzerland in general, boomed in the early 2000s. Ninety percent of rappers rap in Swiss, German and not in English so it didn't really influence me. I was mainly listening to American, British and some French rap but at the end of the day it's not where you from, it's where you at.

Why did you decide to use the graphic novel and music together why not just go for the album?

I think people are fed up with casting shows and one hit wonders that don't even last a year. I wanted to take a step into a new direction and create a music project on multiple platforms. I love writing great stories, so it was a no-brainer in which direction to go. It's two completely different worlds, but both complement each other. The full book is the back story to an album which hasn't been done before, so I hope it will bring people a lot of joy and give a whole new experience.

What were the ideas you were trying to convey in both mediums-it says in the press release you are exploring the seven deadly sins?

Yes; gluttony, greed, lust, pride, wrath, envy, sloth; some of our basic instincts if you will. You don't have to be Catholic to be affected it's in all of us. Rich or poor, English, American, Italian, or wherever you're from. Project 7 is about walking the fine line – do you control your vices or do they control you? We all had the "ok this was just too much" experience, in all kind of ways, drugs, sex, a fight, and so on. So this project is about how far do you go? What is right, what is wrong? Is there even a wrong or only the consequence of your actions?

How did the connect happen between you and the two producers?

I used to work for an independent music label and helped them with them some marketing tasks. One day a team mate walked in and showed me some new music he had on his phone, for a musical that he was planning. The sound was bombastic. It wasn't just a simple drum beat and a sample. It had so many little details and there was a lot of depth to it too. So I met the up with the super producers who did those tracks and what came out is on Sin's Disciple.

How do you intend to follow this project up?

I can't say too much but I'm already working on new concepts. So a follow-up project definitely will be more complex, I got to challenge myself and take it to the next level. There will be at least one more crossover project like this, as well as some boom rap and some heavier tunes as well. So stay tuned!

  • Date published: 13th March 2014
  • Written by: Carlos Sánchez



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