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Reggae in the house

Scratchylus Resetting The Mindset of youth

Scratchylus with the help of the legendary Earl Chinna Smith, Kiddus I and the entire Inna De Yard family have embarked on a musical mission to educate through Reggae music in their latest project, “Reset The Mindset”. Scratchylus Reset The Mindset includes a 13 track album featuring the likes of Sizzla, Junior Reid, Inna de Yard, Empress Reggae, Bushman,The Legendary Alton Ellis, Kiddus I, and Bobby Digital; along with a documentary scheduled for release in September 2013.Documentary scheduled for release in September 2013

“My music is more than entertainment. It’s also a way of educating listeners.”

Scratchylus, born Sene Jameh in the United Kingdom to Jamaican parents,  has embraced his Reggae roots and is committed to making a difference in the world through the message in his music.  He said his mission is to change the youths’ mindset with his songs. “My music is more than entertainment. It’s also a way of educating listeners.

“If I can get them to know that the thinking and thought comes before the word in action, then the change can begin,” he said, before pointing out that prevention is always better than the cure.

Scratchylus credits his inspiration for “Reset The Mindset” to his ancestors. “It was a vision to cleanse mankind. People thinking before their words and actions is people resetting their mindset.”

  • Date published: 08th August 2013
  • Written by: Liz Jones



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  • "Aim. Paint. Write. Act. Do."

    Carlos Paolini


    Fabian de Fabiani