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Scratchylus Wins Best Reggae Artist Award 2014

Student Times favourite Scratchylus was nominated and Won 'Best Reggae Artist' by Love Music Awards 2014.

On being Chosen said 'I would like to thank all my Royal and Loyal supporters and Big Up Love Music Awards worldwide doing excellent work for musicians and artists' '

Scratchylus and Empress Reggae are currently on The Reset The Mindset University tour in the UK. They  started the University tour with Bradford University. followed with a special performance for the Black History Month  opening exhibition at the University College of London. The Amigo Nights Festival  GED environmental society fundraiser  at  Student Central  Birkbeck University  proved to be an overwhelming success. Scratchylus and Empress Reggae have also performed at the famous Lomax night spot in Liverpool, Kingston University, Greenwich University and the tour continues.....

Scratchylus and Empress Reggae are enjoying meeting the students countrywide.

They have just come back from a tour of The Gambia where They performed at The International Roots Festival and produced a song and video called 'Plant The Food' (eat what you grow) which is already receiving worldwide attention.

Speaking to the Student Times Scratchylus said ' I would like to thank the Student Times for their continued support in supporting Scratchylus Kiddus i and Empress Reggae in our message  of upliftment and enlightenment and their precious contribution in bringing the vital message of Reset The Mindset to world attention. 

Fellow Artist and daughter Empress Reggae said 'It has been an educational and joyful journey I am very excited about the Award I would also like to thank the Student times  for all their support.

Watch out for  Scratchylus and Empress Reggae's live interview on Sub TV also they will be coming to a University near you. 

For more information about Scratchylus checkout::

  • Date published: 27th October 2014
  • Written by: Ian Thomas



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    Roman Winter

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    Wils Hunt

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