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York Uni graduate to launch crowdfunded acoustic EP

A former University of York student is launching a first in York graduate history this month – a crowdfunded musical release.

UoY Politics graduate Josiah Mortimer will launch his first professional EP, Luddite Ballads, at a venue in York as well as online on the 31st January.

The four-track EP has been recorded and released by independent York-based record label Rack Mount Records.

The acoustic release was produced after over £3,000 was crowdfunded by nearly 100 supporters of the project on the website Crowdshed, with Josiah being the first musician to successfully crowdfund through the site. The money has been used to master, print, distribute, and promote the EP.

Josiah said: “I’m really proud to be the first York graduate to launch a crowdfunded musical release - it was fantastic to be able to record it in such a lovely city and now to release it there too. I’m massively grateful to all the people who supported the project and I hope people enjoy the final EP. York has such a good music scene and I’m glad to now be a part of that with this recording.”

Tristan Clarke, Rack Mount Records co-founder, said: “This is Josiah Mortimer's first professional release, and we are really excited to have been a part of it. Luddite Ballads is radical and original, and mixes the anger a lot of young people feel with Josiah’s unique guitar style and passionate vocals. The EP will hopefully be the first of many and we’re sure you’ll be hearing more from Josiah in the future.”

Luddite Ballads includes the political anthem ‘A Movement and a Reason’, as well as the title track ‘The Ballad of a New Luddite’, John Martyn’s epic ‘I Don’t Want to Know’, and an instrumental piece ‘Old Friends’.

The EP is now available to pre-order on iTunes as well as BandCamp for £3 for the download and £5 for a physical edition.

Luddite Ballads will be also be available on Amazon, Spotify and all the major online distributors on the day of release (31st Jan).

  • Date published: 21st January 2015
  • Written by: David Ruiz



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