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BOOST BUDDY launches the first personalised Multivitamin concept in the UK

While a varied and healthy diet is the best source of nutrients, for many students, their hectic modern lifestyles and constant demands of study, work and partying can make it hard for them to find the right balance.

 That’s where new BOOST BUDDY comes in, the first truly personalized multivitamin range specially formulated for young adults and their busy, buzzy lifestyles.

Boost Buddy has been expertly created to allow young adults to build an individual multivitamin combination, by choosing four of twelve unique formulae that best supports their own diet, lifestyle and personal situation, from rites of passage moments such as leaving home, exams, first job, and university right through to feeling the excitement of a new life chapter.

Boost Buddy is one of the first multivitamin ranges to adhere to the new permitted health claims register from the European Food Safety Authority, EFSA.  The twelve Boost Buddy formulae have simple, functional names that directly relate to the health benefits of the active nutrients and all the ingredients are clearly marked and explained on the product’s unique packaging and on the website.  The twelve individual formulae include:


BB01: Calm
May help to contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system
BB02: Brain
Contributes to normal brain function, to help keep the brain in top condition
BB03: Immunity
Keeping the immune system protected from oxidative stress and contributing to normal function
BB04: Pep
A range of super vits that may help to fight tiredness and fatigue
BB05: Supple
This may help ease the load, with three nutrients known to contribute to the maintenance of normal connective tissue
BB06: Blood
With Calcium, Folate, Iron, B-Vits , Vitamin K, Chromium, Beta-Glucans and Choline to keep blood moving healthily around the body
BB07: Heart
 Packed with ‘superheroes’ that contribute to normal function of the heart, blood vessels and blood cholesterol levels
BB08: Cholesterol
Helps to keep blood cholesterol levels normal and the heart in the best shape possible
BB09: Shine
To bring the shine back to skin, hair, nails and eyes
BB10: Energy
 Helps maintain normal energy levels and a healthy metabolism
BB11: Grow
A special combination to help the process of cell division and cell specialization for growth and development
BB12: Chill
Promotion of normal mood and psychological function

In addition to the twelve individual formulae, there are also three pre-prepared packs

•    The Study Pack - a secret weapon for revision time and exam prep
•    The Hunting Pack - gives an edge to win at the mating game
•    The Heart & Soul Pack - promotes long-term health and well-being

Boost Buddy’s brand mission has been brought to life via brand mascot Buddy the Bloodhound.  An independent free spirit, Buddy is a fount of stories and anecdotes.  He’s smart and funny, incredibly energetic and is always the last one standing, dancing, laughing.  In fact, Buddy’s secret is his vast reserves of energy, prompting those around him to repeatedly ask…”What’s he on?”

So for as little as £1 a day, whether it’s as a dietary supplement or to make sure that those hard-to-get vitamins are being consumed, Boost Buddy is on hand to help young adults form a lifelong habit of nurturing their personal health and well-being, in a way that fits into their lifestyle.

Boost Buddy multivits are exclusively available through the Boost Buddy website. All packs of 28 vitamins cost £7.  To purchase BOOST BUDDY or for more information visit

  • Date published: 24th May 2013
  • Written by: Ian Thomas