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Tips for Recruiting the Top Talent

Hiring the right people can grow your business as much as hiring the wrong people could destroy it.

Early hires to a new or small business can really set the organizational culture for your business. When looking at job descriptions, you may find that fun-loving, outgoing and hardworking are some of the most commonly asked for traits in a new hire--but how can you identify people with these traits just by a piece of paper? And more importantly, how do you go about finding like-minded people to your team? Hiring doesn’t have to be as difficult as it appears now that you can hire with Blue Jeans Network and outsource to other third parties. Here are some quick tips to recruiting your top talent:

Be Open with Your Business Vision 
The one thing smallest business won’t be able to offer their earliest employees are a strong paycheck. A lot most has to be invested into the business, whether it is on Blue Jeans communication tools or public relations with customers. What you are offering to your new employees is the possibly of equity payoff and a common business vision. If you are able to share a moving business vision, those that find it relatable will be more likely to consider your offer despite a smaller paycheck. Having a strong vision often satisfies self-fulfillment needs that would otherwise go unmet in a common job.

Search Before an Opening Arises
By the time there is a real need to fill an opening in your company; it might be too late to search for the right person to satisfy the need. As with all great things, it requires some commitment to build over time. By networking consistently, you will increase your chances of meeting the right talent for potential positions that may arise as your business develops. That way, when the time does come when you need to hire more staff, you will already have good talent in mind to contact or people get spread the word for you. The last thing your small business needs is a huge time lapse between the time you needed someone to fulfill a role and the time a good fit was finally hired.

Credentials Should Be the Last of Your Worries
Note that credentials don’t reflect certain skills and expertise but it is important to not get caught up in searching solely based on credentials of the candidate. What you will be looking for in a top hire is the transferrable skills they bring to your company. Sure some resumes can sound rather impressive, but you certainly do not know if they will perform until it happens. A good way to examine potential candidates is have them complete a short skill testing assignment instead of a first round interview. This way, you can see in advance how they perform on tasks that you care about and if they use skills that you are looking for. It also saves time for both parties. 

Make Sure The Hire Fits In With Your Existing Team
While there are many intelligent people available in the job market, part of finding a top hire involves finding someone who is able to adapt and mesh well with the rest of your team. A lot of the time, the interview process will consist of having candidates meet current employees to see how they interact. If your current team reacts negatively to a the new hire, this could greatly hinder work development in the coming days. Always take a step back to reflect on whether you can work with this person consistently for at least the year to come, 40 hours a week.

Real Benefits Go A Long Way
Living expenses can be very expensive and that is what makes having employment benefits so appealing to many. Healthcare is by far one of the most expensive services out there. While your staff may be young and not require the use of healthcare frequently, when something does occur, they will be grateful it is there to cushion the fall. Beyond health care, more startup companies and small businesses are now offering some technology benefits to their employees. For example, work laptops or tablets that employees are free to keep as long as they are employed with the company. This actually works to drive employees to keep up to date with work even when they are away from the office. Pretty neat idea!

With all great teams it takes work and maintenance. Motivating your new hires starts with you. Make sure your employees feel appreciated and valued in the workplace. No one enjoys going to work and feeling like it’s a drag. This will provide you with more optimal results in the long run.  

  • Date published: 24th April 2015
  • Written by: Ian Thomas