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Four tips to help boost your confidence as a student in London

Feature article for Student Times by Tsion Martins, director of Bridge the Gap Studios

As a young person studying in London, you’ll probably already understand that it can be difficult to stay positive and confident in a city where crime continues to rise and the UK government not being able to find a solution to the problem. This can cause distress for students, impacting their studies, relationship with friends and cause low self-confidence.


Our solution is to change young people’s perception of success as well as inspire and educate them about the variety of options available to them right where they are. Bridge the Gap Studios, a social enterprise, is designed to support and enable young people to overcome any barriers at school, at home or within themselves through the use of performing arts. This allows them to be open, free, learn expressions and visualize situations through role play and the use of music. Our “Setting Scenes” Program, focuses on young hard to reach students and enables them to engage with their motivation for School (grades, attendance, and motivation) and their future goals. Working alongside this, our “Building Characters” programme works with young people in youth and community centres around London to help them with focus, motivation and a better understanding of their options to function and thrive in society. Many of these young people are NEETs, at risk of, or involved in young offending.


In order not to fall in the unemployment trap, I have outlined my top 4 tips for boosting confidence as a student in London:  


  1. Knowing why – You need to know why you want to improve your confidence. What is your goal? Where do you want to get to? How will being a more confident person help you? Once you have a solid why, you will automatically start pushing yourself. This will give you the urge to improve and reach your goals whether it’s being a business owner, having a better relationship with your family or being able to carry yourself in a more professional way.


  1. Understand your comfort zone (What’s holding you back?) – For a lot of the young people we work with, isolating themselves or not push past their comfort zone is a norm. A comfort zone is fine but nothing will ever grow from it. Once you have identified why you need to build confidence and what your comfort zone it, then you can take the right steps to get out of it.


  1. Be willing to push yourself – In order to build confidence and get out of your comfort zone we encourage every student to challenge themselves regularly. Whether it be attending a networking event, stepping out and pursing your dream career, having a conversation with a thought leader or evening spending quality time with friends and family. Little challenges regularly is key to self-development.


  1. Have a support system – Get people around you that will challenge and support your goals. We aim to take our students out to events or networking sessions in groups so they can support each other. It is also be beneficial to get a mentor, preferable someone in an industry that you aim to work in. This will help increase your knowledge even further which in turn boosts confidence.


So there we have it. Hopefully these tips will help improve your self-confidence to pursue you desired career in order to not fall into the trap of crime and violence. For more information on how you can get involved with Bridge the Gap studios visit

  • Date published: 03rd November 2016
  • Written by: Tsion Martin