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Adele Quits Smoking After Cancer Fears

The star made the decision after an operation in 2011

'Hello' Star and Platinum record selling artist, Adele has unveiled she quit smoking after she was warned her career would be over if the bad habit continued.

At Adele's peak, she had been smoking 25 cigarettes a day; which lead her to lose her voice, forcing the 'Someone Like You' singer to cancel much of her 2011 tour.

However, despite the warning that her voice would be lost, it was the fear of cancer that compelled Adele to quit for good.
She said: “If I’d carried on smoking I’d probably have died from a smoking-related illness and I think that’s really bad." Before continuing, “If I was dying from lung cancer I would have potentially given it to myself and that wouldn’t be something I’d be proud of."

  • Date published: 21st December 2015
  • Photography by: ITV



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