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Why Ed Miliband must go

With each day that passes, Ed Miliband is creating more and more damage to the Labour party

When the Labour party first elected Ed Miliband as leader I must say I was disappointed.  I always thought that his brother David had more experience and came across as a more rounded and better person to lead my chosen party.

My friends and I however celebrated that we had a new young leader in tune to our beliefs, which would inspire us, and get us campaigning for what we assumed would be a new Labour government in 5 years time.

Sadly, most of us have given up any hope that this will happen under him as leader.

Most of us used to think that the reason he wasn't’ telling us exactly what his policies would be or what he would do when he became Prime Minister was because he was afraid that the Tories would steal his ideas and policies in the same way that Gordon Brown did with the Tories in the final year or so of the last Labour government. 

We now unfortunately have come to the realisation that he has no polices and no idea about what he will do when or if he became Prime Minister.

Each week Miliband comes across as a blithering idiot. Cameron wipes the floor with him every question time.  As someone from a working class background and from typical Labour territory he certainly doesn't represent me or my values.

I watched his speech to the TUC and it was just awful, empty, with repetitive platitudes and absolutely no substance whatsoever.  He just looked fake. I think the conference was very kind to him that he wasn't laughed off the stage. 

The union‘s backed him in the first place, and if it wasn’t for them the Labour party would be bankrupt and unable to pay their bills. Now he has turned on them and bitten the very hand that feeds him, just like he did to his older and more experienced brother. 

Miliband has unveiled plans to force trade unionists to actively opt in to the funding of Labour, with the reward that they will become full party members. Doesn’t he realise most members will keep their money and not pay the Labour party?  Most of my friends would prefer to spend their money on another pint in the student union; after all he wouldn't even march with us.

The unions realise this and are trying to save the party from him. After all it was the unions that formed the party in the first place; and it will be them campaigning on important issues long after Ed Miliband has moved onto being another ex leader on the millionaire lecture circuit. 

To be honest I don’t think Ed never expected to actually win the party leadership in a million years. He just wanted to wind up his older brother a bit. 

With his personal ratings at their lowest ever point and the Ipsos Mori's monthly poll  which says that 60% of British public saying they are dissatisfied with the him, compared to only 24% saying they are satisfied.

With each day that passes, Ed Miliband is creating more and more damage to the Labour party.

Ed should see the writing in fluorescent paint all over the wall: do the right thing and just go quietly with dignity like his brother.

  • Date published: 11th September 2013
  • Written by: Jamie Richards



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