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Generator Hostels from Dublin to Hamburg and Copenhagen to Venice

Generator Hostels has been offering younger travellers central, safe and affordable accommodation since 1995 and are now Europe’s fastest growing hostel brand

Generator Hostels

Student Times got to speak with  about their student offering. 

Who is Generator?
Generator has been offering younger travellers central, safe and affordable accommodation since 1995 and we are now Europe’s fastest growing hostel brand. 

Our boutique hostels are a great way to meet people and see Europe and by this summer we’ll have eight fantastic Generator properties to choose from. From Dublin to Hamburg and Copenhagen to Venice, we think that staying in one of Generator’s hostels is the best way to plug into the city you’re visiting. 

What makes Generator different from other hostels?
Our aim is to dispel the hostel myth – with Generator you won’t get a cheap bed factory but, rather, a stylish boutique hostel in the centres of the most exciting European cities. 

We know our guests like to comCarl Michel, Executive Chairman of Generatorbine their city breaks with local events so this year we’re really making the most of our social spaces and building on our community feel with a calendar of events to showcase local talent. These vary from art installations, such as the recent Long Way Home photography exhibition in our new Copenhagen gallery space, to live music, ensuring our guests have a good reason to stay with us all year round.

We know how big a part music plays in the culture and identity of our guests which is why last autumn we introduced our own “Generator Jukebox” which allows those staying with us to choose the music they want to hear during their stay. 

To ensure all our new brand changes translate into an even more memorable experience for our guests, our new-look is complemented by a radical emphasis on every customer’s service experience. This new focus on offering a personal touch means guests will experience our new brand at every stage of their stay with us, from the booking process to ordering a round at the bar. 

Which of your current hostels is your favourite?
For me Copenhagen remains one of Europe’s most exciting cities, perfect for day-time exploring by bike and with an irresistible late-night buzz. Appropriately for a city known for its creativity and effortless cool, the Generator Copenhagen has style in its DNA being a former Philippe Starck apartment building. To keep this stylish heritage the public areas are still dotted with many of his chairs which sit alongside fantastic illustrations from a local designer. For an extra reason to visit in the summer, this May will see the Eurovision Song Contest be held in neighbouring Malmo (Sweden), a mere 35 minutes away by train from Copenhagen. 

You are opening new hostels in Barcelona and Berlin Mitte this year (2013). Do you have any plans for properties outside Europe?
At the moment the team is working hard to secure more central spots across Europe but our ambitions definitely extend beyond Europe, with North America somewhere we’re keeping a close eye on. 

You are working with Anwar Mekhayech, one of the team who worked on Soho House. What brief did you give him?
The Design Agency’s Anwar Mekhayech is the design guru behind Generator’s new ‘boutique hostel’ look and it’s fantastic to have in on board. Anwar’s been key to bringing Generator’s urban-inspired design to life in all our properties helping ensure each hostel combines signature Generator elements, such as great service and welcoming social spaces, with some flavour of the city that you’re in. In our new Barcelona property, for example, we’ve opened up a competition to up-and-coming artists to permanently display a piece of their art from paintings to graffiti work around the theme “Why I love Barcelona”. 

You once set yourself a goal of seeing two new countries a year; which one is your favourite and do you intend to open a hostel there? 
Well, last year I was lucky enough to travel to Oman and Myanmar, both fantastic countries. However, I’m not sure if we would want hostels in either as they still remain a bit off the beaten track - for now at any rate. That said, a city I did visit twice in 2012 after a gap of over 10 years was New York which has really transformed itself. There are whole areas of Manhattan that have been revitalised and now have great art installations, fantastic eateries and plenty of bohemian chic. Given what local hotels charge, there is a crying need for affordable places to stay for young hipsters who want to keep their accommodation costs down so they can have more to spend on going out. 

Where do you see the company in 10 years time?
We’ve got our eyes firmly set on having between 12 and 15 design-led properties for our guests to choose from by 2015. With this rate of growth we hope that in a decade to come we’ll be the pre-eminent hospitality brand in Europe – and hopefully beyond! 

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  • Date published: 22nd April 2013
  • Written by: Ian Thomas