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How to enjoy (& survive) your party holiday this summer

You’ve saved up some of your precious student loan, battled hard through those exams and now you’re either graduating, or relieved by the fact you’ve scraped 40% to get into second year…

How to enjoy (& survive) your party holiday this summer

Regardless of the reason, it’s time to go wild and celebrate this summer. We’ve all seen the shows and know how messy a week of hard-core partying can be, so follow our top tips below and get the most out of your well-deserved getaway.

Stay Hydrated
Water must be your best friend while you’re away. Keep that body hydrated in the heat to the point that you need the toilet every five minutes. The combination of scorching sun, late nights and heavy partying isn’t a healthy mix and won’t do your head any favours in the morning. No matter how wild you are, make sure you drink at least two pints of water before you go to bed (even if it’s 7am). This should reduce the pounding head and means you can be raring to go the next night… and the five nights after that. 

You know what it’s like living on a tight budget, so why not continue the tradition in true student style? Once you get your complimentary drink for going into a bar or club, the drink prices will rocket. Keep the price down and have a pre-drink party on the balcony before you head out.   Pre-drinking in the hotel is a good way to make some friends, or even a cheeky holiday romance so whip out the playing cards and get your group in the mood. Don’t forget to sip plenty of water during the night and drink responsibility. 

I think sum of us would be lying if we said we were simply looking to cuddle up to someone on the beach in evenings. You’re on holiday to party and you want to go at it hard, not find a lifelong partner! Just make sure you’re safe and use a condom if you fancy getting intimate. According to the foreign and commonwealth office, around 38% of males said they had a more relaxed attitude to unprotected sex when they were on holiday. Don’t become a statistic while you’re away and come home with more than just a suntan. 

The Diet 
Don’t worry we aren’t suggesting you spend time worrying that you’ve eaten your five a day (you’ll get that in your cocktail). But remember, it’s always important to line your stomach; skipping dinner in the evening isn’t an option. After all, you’ll need the energy to dance all night. All holiday resorts have supermarkets where you can easily quid together and buy a pasta bake. A string of late nights, doner kebabs and fish bowls can cause you to become rundown; this may sound very parental, but why not take some vitamin tablets with you? This will keep you healthy and ready to power on throughout the whole week. 

The Wardrobe 
It’s practically tradition for large groups to enjoy a dress up night. Outfits can range from morph suits to school kids or even a bit of cross-dressing…Whatever the theme, make sure you take a few quirky outfits with you; you don’t want to be wasting money out there or be that loser who didn’t get involved. If you’re a group of lads, matching t-shirts are certainly the way forward #ladsontour.

Geek up
Yes, this sounds boring, but if you’re spending money to be on holiday, then you want to make sure you do it right. Read up on the best clubbing hotspots to visit during your stay. Which world famous DJs are going to playing at Mallorca Rocks? Are there any gig tickets you want to purchase in advance? Which bars have happy hour? Don’t have your head in a guidebook the whole time, but a little bit of preparation is always good so you don’t miss out on any of the action. Word of advice, you will pay a fortune for gig/DJ tickets if you decide to rock up straight to the door on the night.

Be Active 
It’s not that difficult to roll yourself out of bed in the morning and make your way to the sun lounger. Why spend all day in bed recovering from the night before, when you can sleep outside in the glorious sunshine and enjoy some well needed rays? Make sure you get out there and enjoy yourself. For the real active types in your party, why not rent a quad bike and explore the resort in style? Most party resorts have excellent water sports, so hop on that jet ski or mount that banana boat and enjoy some great daytime activities.   

We hope these handy tips will ensure you survive yet enjoy your clubbing break. 

  • Date published: 25th July 2013
  • Written by: Matthew Payne

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