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Trance [15]

With WELCOME TO THE PUNCH already one of this spring’s standouts, James McAvoy again burns up the screen with this, a very different crime thriller from ace director Boyle (TRAINSPOTTING, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE).

Trance [15]

McAvoy plays Simon, an auctioneer who has fallen in with a criminal gang that’s planning to steal a near-priceless Goya. But when a chance concussion induces amnesia, Simon forgets where he hid the painting. The gang’s leader (Cassel, in a role no less ruthless than his portrayal of MESRINE: PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1) is mighty angry, until a glamorous hypnotist (Dawson, UNSTOPPABLE, SIN CITY) is hired to jog Simon’s memory – fast.

Co-written by long-time Boyle collaborator John Hodge, TRANCE delivers all the visual and emotional pyrotechnics you’d expect, but it also has wit, narrative subtleties and satisfying twists in abundance.

Duration:101 mins 
Director: Danny Boyle
Starring: James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, Rosario Dawson


  • Date published: 14th April 2013