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Financial Skills Partnership

We provide information on finance, accountancy and financial services

The Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) is an organisation with a single goal: to proactively support the development of a skilled workforce in the UK’s financial, finance and accountancy sectors.

Following the merger with JSSC, the FSP will also support skills development in the legal sector. We are currently developing our resources and services for this sector through employer engagement and input for launch in September 2013.

Every business in our industry needs good people. People who have different backgrounds, different levels of experience; people who can help take your business forward. We work with our employer partners to help them identify those people.

We help them develop and shape their internal programs from work experience and apprenticeships to school leavers and graduates.

We are employer-led.

Our agenda comes from you. We’re an impartial and representative organisation. We tap into vast cross-sector experience and expertise within our team and work to understand, advise and act in a way that helps secure the right outcome.

We actively represent our employer partners whilst promoting our sector across the UK and internationally. We lobby the government and provide a consistent voice on the key issues our partners are faced with.

We develop innovative solutions that help our partners link up with the right type of people, to help develop new relationships and help make things happen.
We're licensed by the UK Government

We're the only UK Government-licensed skills organisation working across our industry, in the country. One more reason why our partners are confident to be associated with us.
We're also a charity. We are focussed on developing skills-based solutions to help support and sustain a commercially-dynamic industry.

Supporting the development of a skilled workforce
The FSP provides authoritative industry-specific ‘how-to’ guidance, information and practical toolkits for our member partners. We help our partners find the right talent, set up and manage frameworks to help develop their people, help them meet regulatory requirements, help their businesses grow.

Become a e-career mentor for young people on ‘virtual’ work experience. This innovative industry led project enables young people to find out more about the financial and professional services industry. We need to support young people to experience our industry so that they develop the skills and knowledge that employers want. More

Leadership 21C consultation
This is your opportunity to input to the Board Effectiveness standards and help shape the final outcome so that it is representative of the views of the sector as a whole. More

Leadership 21C: Board Effectiveness
A programme which seeks to improve the standards and quality of corporate leadership in board performance for our sector and provide further guidance and solutions which help to address the need for greater diversity at board level. More

Build Your Own T&C Scheme
Training and Competence is a regulatory necessity. Our intuitive and easy to use toolkit allows you to build your own T&C scheme and tailor it to your own firm, without the need to bring in an external consultant. Available to FSP partners. More

Competency Standards
Competent people are essential to business success. Support the recruitment, management and development of your staff by using the FSP’s National Occupational Standards (NOS): a suite of industry competency standards developed specifically for our industry. More


Directions is the FSP's one stop shop for expert information on careers in our sector.  From job profiles and films on the Careers Hub, to advice on how to get in to the industry through work experience, school leaver programmes, apprenticeships and graduate schemes through the Getting In hub, Directions offers everything needed to start planning a career in the sector.  Directions isn’t just online, we also run a range of regional events for students and careers advisers and deliver careers workshops out in schools to promote the sector.

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We are the skills champion of our industry.

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