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"You have to put in the hard yards!" CEO of Northern Trust Wilson Leech

Speaks about business degrees and the competitive advantage they can give

“The best way to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you is to spend some time learning about the industry you are moving in to,” Leech says.

Hard work and a business degree are two fundamental elements to pave the way to success. That is because institutions such as the University of Greenwich, of which Leech is a Business School alumnus, equip their students for the business challenges of today and offer training to become future leaders.

“You need to be as prepared as you possibly can for your future role. That means: understand it, network and find a mentor. If you want to do well you have to put in the hard yards”

The mentoring scheme between the University and Northern Trust has been particularly successful with over 150 students having been through the program since 2008 and some of them have gone on to gain a permanent role in the company. 

Leech adds: “It is our responsibility to give students and element of training to prepare them for the industry…to give them exposure to technical work, how the regulations impact out industry what clients expect of us and most importantly what we would expect of a student once they came out of a mentoring scheme and work for us permanently”.


  • Date published: 10th August 2015
  • Written by: Ian Thomas