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Mid-Essex ITT Partnership

English PGCE with QTS

Postgraduate Certificate Education with QTS

Our training model allows 4 days per week in schools and a weekly training day. The training day is split between General Professional Studies and Subject Specific Training. This on-going training model allows you to explore something in theory and then try it out in practice the very next day. 

You will have a main placement school which allows you to settle in fully to the department and become part of the teaching team. Pupils see you as their teacher and you gain a real insight into the life of a teacher. A shorter, second placement school, allows you to try ideas out and see another way of working. 

Our mentors are trained in the philosophy and practicalities of the training scheme and support you throughout the course. 

The Partnership

Mid Essex ITT offers places on behalf of Notley High School's bid as the lead school for both Schools Direct Salaried and Schools Direct Fee Paying. In addition, Mid Essex will hold a number of its own SCITT core places. The PGCE is offered to fee paying trainees and is validated by the University of Greenwich. 

Where to find us?

Mid Essex ITT central training is held at Shenfield High School and subject specific training takes place where the Lead Subject Mentor is based. Our schools are quite spread out geographically and whilst we aim to place trainees close to home, you must be aware that you need to be able to reach your school to meet their regular school day.

Entry Requirements
You must be a graduate, preferably with a 1st or a 2:1, though we are willing consider applicants who have a 2:2 who can demonstrate a real aptitude for teaching. You should have a degree in which at least 50% of the content is in the course you have applied for. You will need at least a grade C in GCSE English and Mathematics and will need to pass the Literacy and Numeracy Skills Tests prior to the start of the course. 

If your degree or GCSE examinations were obtained in another country, we will need you to gain equivalency certificates from NARIC ( to confirm this. Confirmation will need to show degree class at a 2:2 or above. In order to process your application more smoothly, we advise you to do this prior to making an application

What we are looking for
We are looking for ambitious trainee teachers who are passionate and enthusiastic about their subject and have a desire to share that with young people of all abilities in the secondary age range. 

This will be demonstrated by meaningful experience of working with young people of this age. This does not need to be paid work but might be helping with a sports team, drama group or youth club. In addition, we would like you to have completed some observation in a classroom or to have worked in a school. If you have not managed to secure any classroom observations, please contact us to see if we can help you with this. You will need to have completed this prior to your application in order to check that you have an up-to-date experience of life in a 21st Century secondary school.

How we select our trainees
Notley High School & Braintree Sixth Form is the lead school in the partnership. Mid Essex ITT and Notley High School will jointly co-ordinate the recruitment process. This will involve a full day spent at Central office and will include a critique of a lesson, a short written test for literacy and questions on your subject knowledge. You will be expected to do a short presentation in front of the selection team and other applicants and take part in a group discussion. 

It is a rigorous and thorough process, designed to get the best match of applicant to the places available. We hope you see this busy day in a positive light because we aim to provide you with a platform to show us your passion and ability for entering teaching. This day is then followed by an interview with the placement school for all salaried applicants and, possibly, fee paying trainees. 




  • A SCITT course offers a particular form of initial teacher training since it is run by and based in a group of schools. Many trainees are attracted to SCITT as a form of teacher training specifically because they are immersed in a school and classroom environments from day one and are therefore constantly acquiring the knowledge and skills required for effective practice.

  • Type: Post-Grad
  • Duration: Year 1
  • Subject Area: Post-Grad
  • Fees: £8,500

  • UCAS code: 2B2T

  • Location: Brentwood, Essex