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Down with campus censorship!

Tom Slater, explaining why it is time for students to bring free speech back to the centre of university life.

University ain’t what it used to be. With bans on everything from inflammatory cartoons to mildly sexist pop songs, censorship has laid siege to British campuses. Underpinning it all is NUS's No Platform policy, which bars controversial speakers and effectively tells students what can and can't be heard, read and said on campus.

In partnership with students around the UK, spiked is holding a series of debates at universities up and down the country to challenge this censorship.

Two debates in, the 'Down With Campus Censorship!' campaign is already making waves.

With fantastic turnouts and heated discussions at our first two events in Nottingham and Liverpool, we're excited to announce two upcoming sessions in Sussex and Sheffield, see below for more information:

Visit the campaign page to find out more about the debates, read reports from students around the country, and download the campaign pamphlet 'Just say no to No Platform':


Monday 24 March, 6pm
University of Sussex

Thursday 27 March, 6pm
University of Sheffield

  • Date published: 14th March 2014
  • Written by: Ian Thomas



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