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Migration and Fence-Building

Do barriers actually help against migration? Immigration is both a problem and a solution for millions of people. Looking for jobs or fleeing conflicts people are constantly on the move.

Europe and the US are the major destinations for those migrants and they protect themselves by hiding behind ever higher fences.  Instead of pretending that fence-building will solve anything, it is high time that we “unfence” our views of migration.

This video explains how building more barriers is no solution to the problem...

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We are two graduates in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. We specialised in Foreign Policy Analysis and Conflict Studies, while working on specific regions of the world such as the Asia-Pacific region and Africa. We also have experience working with International Organisations such as the United Nations and the International Crisis Group.



  • Date published: 26th November 2014
  • Written by: Francois de Nicolay



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