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Photography Video gives Marius the right exposure

A final year photography student at Cleveland College of Art and Design (CCAD) has captured the attention of the photography industry with his innovative work featuring in a leading publication.

Experimental photography student Marius Hanzak, 20 from Runcorn in Cheshire was approached by Petapixel, a leading online photography publication to share his video titled ‘RGB Church Street’.


Currently living in Hartlepool during his studies, Marius experimented with making colour photographs using black and white film, which he focused on Church Street in Hartlepool as the location for his inspiration.


The 4-minute video - which demonstrates the process from shoot to print - was spotted on social media platform Reddit by Petapixel, and is now published on their site. The video is accompanied by an article detailing the work.


Marius, who describes his current style as objective cinematic minimalism, experimented with the colour separation technique as part of his final year studies at the specialist northern art school, and was pleased to have his creative forms of photography and moving image generate interest in the industry.


He said: “Petapixel approached me with the request to share my video after seeing it on Reddit. It was great to have my work made available to such a large audience and the recognition was flattering. It was particularly useful to have feedback on a far larger scale than I'm used to.”

  • Date published: 09th February 2017
  • Photography by: Marius Hanzak



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