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Shocking video shows police officer 'punching' a protester at University of London

Video shows police officer allegedly 'punching' a protester as University of London bans demonstrations on campus for six months

A Met Police officer is seen to allegedly 'punch' a protester at the student demonstration in London during a student occupation at the university's  Senate House on Malet Street, London

The student where demonstrating against the forced closure of the students’ union by UoL management, as well as pushing for decent conditions for outsourced cleaning staff.

In footage taken by a freelance journalist at the University of London the met police officer was caught on film swinging at hooded protester Tony Jones, throwing the 24-year-old off balance with a blow to the shoulder before flooring him with a jab to the face.

Met Police arrested 39 people on suspicion of affray after a group of around 300 protesters gathered at the university of London

Last night the Metropolitan Police said no investigation had been launched and the officer concerned remained on duty in London. 

Bosses at Scotland Yard said it had not received a complaint but would review any evidence.

  • Date published: 10th December 2013
  • Written by: Elizabeth Savage



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