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The Gym Group

Are you looking for an affordable gym near to your university?

  • Offer Starts: 17/11/2013
  • Offer Ends: 17/08/2014
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  • Offer: The Gym No joining fee* for NUS extra card holders!

Here at The Gym Group we offer an unbeatably cheap student gym membership, and if you’re an NUS extra card holder, we offer two tiers of student discount!

*For Gyms above £15.99 a month you won't have to pay a joining fee and for Gyms below £15.99 a month you'll still get a discounted 50% off your joining fee! There's always a saving to be had!

Of course, balancing finances isn’t the only challenge facing university students, and that’s where The Gym Group comes into its own. We understand the demands of student life which is why we're completely flexible to fit around your lifestyle. The Gym Group is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can pound the treadmill at 1am while you mull that essay topic over, or lift some weights at 6am to prime your body and mind for the day ahead. Any day of the week.

And when you join The Gym there’s no contract to sign either. You can freeze your Gym membership if money gets a bit too tight for comfort, or if you’re heading home at the end of the semester. And if there’s a Gym in your home town as well as your university town, for just a few pounds more you can use them both.

We think it’s the most flexible student gym membership around and with more than 170 premium fitness machines and free weights at every Gym, we’ve got everything you need to stay healthy and tone every part of your body.

So join The Gym Group now and you’ll have access in under quarter of an hour.


  • 17th November 2013