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Work and Travel in the Australian Outback

Earn lots of money for your travels down under by spending your first 3+ months working in the Aussie Outback! You will receive full training on arrival for your new adventure in one of the planet's biggest areas of untouched wilderness.

This program will get you 'off the beaten path' and straight into true Aussie life, providing you with an opportunity to gain employment in a variety of roles all over the Outback.

We help you get started with a fantastic course on a training farm that will provide you with the skills you need to work on various farms, ranches, cattle stations and riding stables. Other jobs in the Outback include working in hospitality or as a Homestead Helper (like an au pair). Whatever your skills, there is a role out there for you that would be perfect for your gap year!

Work and Holiday in the Australian Outback

For all types of position you and your new friends will be accommodated by an Aussie family on their ranch and go through one week of ultimate agricultural training such as off-road motor biking, tractor driving, horse riding, cattle rounding and chainsaw operation before starting your guaranteed job and saving for your travels. This is a great working holiday in Australia which allows you to see the country and experience a real Aussie life.

Your training week will give you an introduction into the agriculture industry and you will discover what area of farm life would best suit you.  While proving your worth on the ranch you will receive job offers from one of 1,800 farms from all regions of Australia and be able to leave training to start the job of your choice.

You will be paid a very competitive rate (AU$300+ per week after taxes) plus your accommodation and food are included as part of your job role. 

This Smaller Earth program gives you a job like no other and a 100% authentic Australian outback adventure!

Work and Travel in the Australian Outback

The AUstralian working holiday visa allows you to work for up to one year in a variety of jobs all around Australia.  On this Smaller Earth program you will recieve extensive training allowing you to gain well paid employment on a farm for the first few weeks or months of your trip. 

You can continue to work on farms for as long as you like or you can move on to a different type of employment anywhere in Australia, it is entirely up to you. You could be a 'homestead helper' and assist in chores around the home and help look after children or if you're really into horse riding, you could find yourself training polo horses! If you complete a minimum of 3 months of agricultural employment then you are also eligible to apply for a second working holiday visa to extend your trip for another 12 months. 

Love the outback?  You can choose other jobs such as Outback pubs and Outback roadhouses. Chefs and cooks are in short supply in the outback and therefore are very well paid. If you are an individual who possess these qualifications, you can expect to receive the highest wage. This is for pubs, roadhouses and cattle farms.

Whether you work on one of the host farms or in a pub/roadhouse, food and accommodation will be provided. This means you can save everything you earn to further fund your travels or extend your gap year!


Up to One Year

Gap Year Vitals

  • Duration: Up to One Year
  • Price: £1360



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