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Teach English - Vietnam

Live and work abroad in Vietnam while earning a TEFL certificate and teaching position in a Vietnamese school.

This five-month program is your opportunity to enhance your CV, become a millionaire (*even if it's only in the Vietnamese currency!), and immerse yourself in the Vietnamese culture. 

All of the preparation and training needed to take part is provided as part of the program and will ensure you are fully ready to positively impact the children you are working with.

Key Information

  • Receive TEFL Certification
  • Earn a monthly salary
  • Accommodation Included
  • Become a millionaire!*

Work and Travel Vietnam as a Teacher

Vietnam is an incredibly diverse country. From the sandy coastlines to its mountainous interior and cosmopolitan cities, it is an increasingly popular destination to work and travel.

Living abroad as a teacher in Vietnam gives you the opportunity for long-term contact with the unique culture, people, and food. In comparison to the cost of living in the UK, Vietnam is an incredibly cheap place to live.

This particular program is uniquely designed for people who want to spend extended lengths of time in Vietnam. You will have the opportunity to explore Vietnam in a way that many tourists cannot.

The first four weeks of the program will be spent training in Ho Chi Minh City (Old Saigon) with other new teachers, after which you'll head to your placement location to begin work as a full time teacher, fully immersed into your new community.

Teaching abroad in Vietnam is perfect if you are looking to fill time off from University, a break from work, or just need a change!

The Teach Abroad in Vietnam Program

Training and Orientation

With the Vietnam Teach Abroad program, you will spend your first four weeks learning how to teach English as a foreign language and receive a TEFL certificate upon successful completion. During your training, there will also be an orientation to Vietnam, Vietnamese language lessons, social and cultural trips. The four week training and orientation will take place in Ho Chi Minh City. 

You will spend Monday through Friday in an intensive course to prepare you for your upcoming teaching experience. You will learn about practical classroom tecniques, improve English language awareness, and practice what you learned with local Vietnamase students.

Teacher Placement in Vietnam

After the training program, you will receive a placement at a Vietnamese school for 3-4 months. 

Locations are all over Vietnam, including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, the Mekong Delta and Hoi An. Some placements are in more urban areas and some rural, though you will always be placed with or very close to other program participants.

You will be able to indicate a preference for the age of the students you would like to work with in Vietnam. Age groups are:

  • Primary school: 6 – 11 years
  • High school: 12 – 18 years
  • University/college: 18+

As the teach abroad placement in Vietnam is linked to your visa, you will be required to sign an agreement with the school to validate your visa. This agreement is a standard contract that outlines duties, accommodation, transport, and termination clauses. 


These will vary from school to school; however, the following is a common guide.

Classroom duties include:

  • Teaching conversational English to a range of classes at the school for up to 20 hours per week OR as an assistant to a local teacher delivering English classes
  • Classroom administration (taking attendance, marking homework, reporting grades)
  • Preparation of teaching materials and lessons
  • Participation in after-school activities and cultural events

Don't worry - although you will definitely be working, you will also have plenty of time to socialize with the local community and other teachers. Once a month, all the teachers placed in your region will get together for the weekend in order to catch up, debrief, and have fun!

Don't forget that you'll have been fully trainined, so although it may appear a large task right now, you'll have been given all of the preparation you need before hand.

4 weeks TEFL training in Ho Chi Minh City plus one teaching semester of 3.5 to 4 months

Gap Year Vitals

  • Location: Vietnam
  • Duration: 4 weeks TEFL training in Ho Chi Minh City plus one teaching semester of 3.5 to 4 months
  • Price: £1,345 4 months



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