56 graduates of ISR Neuss clearly exceed the worldwide average of the International Baccalaureate (IB) in the Corona school year 2020

Friday, July 17, 2020

ISR students averaged 36 points in their final report cards, 6 points above the global average / More ISR graduates than ever before / Ten percent of the degrees belong to the international top 3 % best list / Numerous study places offered by renowned universities abroad 

Neuss/Düsseldorf (Germany), 17.07.2020 – Despite the adversities faced during this school year, Grade 12 IB graduates of ISR International School on the Rhine in Neuss have improved their grade point average this year, from 35 to 36 points. In fact, the 56 Grade 12 students who graduated this year scored 6 points above the global International Baccalaureate average of 30 points. “These excellent results of the students cannot be emphasized highly enough. After all, the pandemic with its continuing uncertainties and the special examination conditions was already a particular challenge and burden,” comments Emil Cete, Head of Upper School and IB Coordinator.

He continued, “The fact that the students mastered the situation so well was mainly due to what we at ISR call strong character: their own will to learn, their commitment and being robust. The comprehensive support from the teachers and the entire staff also contributed to this. It is also important for us that with this result we have confirmed our status as the leading international private school in NRW.”

In addition to the excellent results, having 56 students in the graduating class is also remarkable: in the two previous years the graduating class had less than 40 students.  “The increase in the number of students at ISR to a total of 1,000 is now making itself felt in larger graduating classes,” explains Peter Soliman, Managing Partner of ISR, “this is another sign of the school’s sustained popularity and quality.”

No matter which scale the results are compared with, they are excellent: when converted to the equivalent in the German Abitur system 40% of ISR graduates achieved a grade in the 1.0 to 1.9 range, and 10% achieved 40 IB points or more.  To contextualize this, in 2019 roughly 2% of IB graduates worldwide achieved 40 IB points or more! “These great results can only be achieved with a consistent effort during the entire year. A few outstanding students are not enough,” Mr. Soliman states, “to prepare the entire class for the exams in the best possible way, we, therefore, provide individual support through intensive lessons  tailored to ability and need.”

“Thanks to the results, graduates this year have been offered places at the best universities worldwide,” emphasizes Eileen Lyons, the Director of ISR.  In the USA these include full scholarships from Princeton University as well as offers from the University of Southern California, the University of Notre Dame and the University of Miami. In Great Britain, ISR students have offers from the University of Cambridge, Imperial College, London School of Economics, University College London and King’s College London. In addition to this there are offers from Canada (University of Toronto) as well as from universities in Japan, South Africa, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, and Switzerland. Ms. Lyons continues, “The fact that so many binding commitments have been made by international universities despite the corona uncertainty is a great sign of confidence in our work. Applications from our students are very convincing and universities have been extremely satisfied with ISR graduates in recent years.” It must be noted that even though about 75% of ISR students are likely to go to university in another country, ISR always recommends to all graduates a combination of subjects that will allow them to study in Germany.

“Advice on which university best suits the preferences, skills and career planning of young people is a key service offered by ISR,” adds Mr. Soliman, “that’s why our University and Career Counsellors, Ulrike Wacker, and Dr. Susan Wiltshire, start talking to students about their career plans at an early stage” As the counsellors explain, “our university orientation will continue in the coming months, even though graduation certificates have long since been distributed: due to the corona pandemic there is more to organize before the start of studies than in previous years.” This aside, ISR students, both past and present, can always seek advice regarding career steps, and the ever-growing alumni network is an increasingly vital tool for growing support systems.