7 Top Companies to Watch During National Apprenticeship Week 2024

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Now in its 17th year of celebrating apprenticeship careers, National Apprenticeship Week is with us once again. Taking place from 5-11 February, this year's celebration looks to highlight 'skills for life' by empowering employers who can help apprentices develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career.

From entry-level to degree apprenticeships, there are so many different pathways into work via an apprenticeship. The chance to earn while you learn, upskill, and potentially walk away with a university degree (with none of the university debt) has become an incredibly compelling option for both school leavers and career switchers. 

In line with National Apprenticeship Week, early careers experts Best Apprenticeships have highlighted 7 top companies that you should keep an eye on during this week.

BAE Systems

Sectors: Defense, Aerospace, and Security

BAE Systems offers over 300 apprenticeship opportunities each year across the UK.

Providing hands-on experience in cutting-edge technologies within the defence and aerospace sectors, their focus is on training the next generation of engineers, project managers, and highly skilled workers.

While their apprenticeship recruitment drive is already well under way, they are a great place to start your search this National Apprenticeship Week.

According to Indeed.com, their average apprenticeship salary is £21,116 - 12% above the national average.

BAE Systems Apprenticeships

Balfour Beatty

Sectors: Construction and Infrastructure

How do you turn boring into cool? This is the question that Infrastructure group Balfour Beatty asks their prospective apprenticeships. 

Their programs cover a wide range of disciplines, including civil engineering, quantity surveying, and construction management, with the chance to gain exposure to major infrastructure projects, such as road and rail construction, while working alongside industry experts.

According to Glassdoor.com, Balfour Beatty apprentices can expect to earn between £17,000 and £20,000.

Balfour Beatty Apprenticeships


Sector: Engineering, Automotive, and Manufacturing

Rolls-Royce are the perfect company for National Apprenticeship Week 2024 as they embody the idea of 'skills for life'.

Fancy working in aerospace, nuclear, or digital technology? Such is the breadth of highly skilled apprenticeship roles on offer in their 2024 intake.  

According to Indeed.com, apprentices at Rolls-Royce can expect to earn approximately £19,125 annually.

Rolls-Royce Apprenticeships


Sector: Retail and Supermarkets

One of the UK's largest supermarket chains, Morrisons' apprenticeship schemes cover various areas, including retail management, logistics, and food manufacturing. 

Apprentices gain the chance to contribute to the operations of a leading supermarket chain, developing skills in customer service, supply chain management, and food production, among others.

According to Indeed.com, Morrisons' average apprenticeship salary is £21,981 - 16% above the national average.

Morrisons Apprenticeships

Lloyds Banking Group

Sectors: Finance and Banking

At the forefront of delivering apprenticeships in the finance sector for the last decade, Lloyds offer opportunities across banking, cyber, data and HR roles. 

Whether you've just left school or are looking for a change, they can support your development and help you build a successful and fulfilling career.

According to the Lloyds Banking website, an apprentice will earn £22,000 a year as a minimum. 

Lloyds Banking Apprenticeships

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)

Sectors: Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

GSK's apprenticeship programs focus on pharmaceutical science, laboratory technology, and business administration.

Apprentices gain hands-on experience in research and development, manufacturing, and commercial operations within the healthcare industry. With the chance to earn highly coveted degrees in chemistry and biology, GSK should be near the top of any apprentice looking for a high-performing and well-paying career.

According to Glassdoor.com, the average apprentice salary at GSK is £18,000 per year.

GSK Apprenticeships


Sectors: Energy and Utilities

Keeping power flowing to our homes, E.ON offer exciting degree apprenticeships which will see you working part-time while also studying at university.

With energy transition an exciting sector to work in, and a great starting salary of over £19,000, we highly recommend checking out E.ON's opportunities this National Apprenticeship Week.

According to the E.ON website, apprentice salaries start at £19,350 per year.

E.ON Apprenticeships

National Apprenticeship Week serves as a reminder of the invaluable role apprenticeships play in bridging the gap between education and employment, and these companies are leading the way in nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals.