CONTACT US MORE Advance HE To Conduct National Survey On Perceptions Of STEM Education

Monday, February 22, 2021

Advance HE is to review and remodel the Engineering Brand Monitor (EBM), an annual survey of understanding and knowledge of STEM (particularly engineering) on young people, their parents, and teachers for EngineeringUK.

EngineeringUK is a not-for-profit organisation, which works in partnership with the engineering community to inspire tomorrow’s engineers and increase the number and diversity of young people choosing academic and vocational pathways into engineering.

The research project will involve two stages conducted by Advance HE – the initial development and testing for the surveys, followed by a detailed analysis of survey data after the fieldwork is complete.

Advance HE has a diverse portfolio of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) related research, surveys and impact assessment and also distributes and analyses annual nationwide surveys in the higher education sector – the Student Academic Experience SurveyUK Engagement SurveyPostgraduate Teaching Experience Survey and Postgraduate Research Experience Survey.

Data and insight for the EBM project will be bolstered by supplementary analysis from Advance HE’s research team, such as the interaction between ethnicity, social background and attainment. As there is currently limited research into aspirations to pursue engineering as a future career, the research will help to identify any specific differences that would be valuable for designing targeted interventions to encourage wider take up of engineering.

It’s fantastic to be working with Advance HE on this project, and we’re extremely pleased with all their hard work so far. We haven’t undertaken a full review of the survey since 2015, and Advance HE’s research expertise – particularly with regards to equality in STEM education – mean they are a fantastic partner for this project.

“We’re excited that this year we’ll be able to link the views and experiences of parents to their children, and we’re confident that Advance HE can bring innovative quantitative research techniques to harness the power of that data.”

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