Have You Got The Dedication To Work For A Charity?

Monday, May 17, 2021

We cannot expect to compete with the likes of the late great Sir Captain Tom Moore; however, you could consider doing your bit for your fellow human beings and join the Charity Sector.

Competition for jobs is high, and top charities can afford to select the best candidates. Of course, their HR Managers wish to employ people who are tuned in to their objectives, however most are still looking for staff that are efficient, practical, and commercially aware as well.

This means that private sector backgrounds can be a positive advantage, particularly when it comes to management skills. They will be particularly impressed and will be looking for commitment and dedication to socially responsible causes, motivation to work above and beyond regular duties, and your ability to interact with people from different backgrounds.

Of course, large charities are run like normal corporations so good admin skills and in the modern age your office IT skills will be valued.

Bear in mind that all positions vary according to the employing organisation, with larger charities being more in need of specialists and smaller charities needing good all-rounders.

All of us from top management to school leavers, are required in the charity sector. From the CEO at a Nationwide or global charity, to a volunteer at a small local operation Charities need to recruit on a regular basis.

If you come from an advertising background, then perhaps you should consider a Marketing Position. Fundraising and creating campaigns are vital for charities to function successfully.

Perhaps you have writing skills and could apply for a PR and Communications role. Charities need good copy for ads and brochures and letters sent out to potential donors, so good communications skills are a big bonus.

Money is the reason charities survive so they need fund raisers and grants officers so if you feel you have the enthusiasm and motivation and are good with your people skills then this could be your niche role.

Of course, if you have an accounting background then try applying for a job in accounts and budgeting, also a vital part of running a Charity

Care Workers and Volunteers

Charities also need volunteers all the time to stand on that cold street rattling the tins or just to turn up a function, so are you the next Volunteer manager, waiting in the wings?

Support workers and care officers are there to provide support to the individuals who are the recipients of a welfare charity’s work, e.g. children or families in care, adults with physical or learning disabilities, mental health clients, people with addiction issues or other particular needs.

The care workers are involved in assessing individuals, providing physical care where required, providing one-to-one counselling, or running group sessions, teaching daily and life skills, keeping records, and writing reports on clients.

These are demanding roles that require a particular kind of person, who can work with a wide range of people in sometimes challenging situations. The ability to listen and empathise is vital, while recognising the real issues and the charity’s role in addressing them. Formal Requirements.

So now you can see that there are numerous job opportunities in this sector, hope you find a great role to play soon, and start giving back to society.