The UK's top university cities for foodie students

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

New research has revealed the UK's most foodie-friendly universities of 2023; highlighting Edinburgh and Leeds as top choices for any foodie student to choose, closely followed by Birmingham and Manchester.

Edinburgh and Leeds ranked top university cities in the UK for foodie students, closely followed by Birmingham and Manchester.

New data has ranked UK universities foodie-friendliness, taking variety and abundance of eateries versus overall population into account.

Students up and down the country are now enjoying Fresher's Week, and with multiple cities offering discounts to new students, this data has revealed the best cities for the most food options.

The list, compiled by meal box delivery company, HelloFresh  rates university cities up and down the UK for their foodie-friendliness, based on variety and abundance of eateries, including restaurants, cafes, pubs and takeaways, and their corresponding population (thus determining likelihood of getting a table/being served quickly).

The UK's Top 20 Universities for Foodie Students:

  1. Edinburgh 

  2. Leeds

  3. Birmingham

  4. Manchester

  5. Glasgow

  6. Sheffield

  7. Bradford

  8. Liverpool

  9. Brighton

  10. Bristol

  11. Chester

  12. Northampton

  13. London

  14. Newcastle-upon-Tyne

  15. Nottingham

  16. Belfast

  17. Bolton

  18. Salford

  19. York

  20. Canterbury

Alongside the top university cities for foodies, the research also highlighted that Scottish universities lead the way when it comes to their variety and volume of eateries, collectively earning the highest average score (6.7). This is a considerably higher average score than that of universities in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

HelloFresh encourages students to try local eateries and takeaways in their new city, but also opt for money and time-saving student recipes which are equally varied and delicious. A student meal plan takes all the hassle out of meal prep, meaning new students can focus on the more important things exciting university life throws at them. Quick and easy student meal ideas for new students to try include Creamy Chicken and Pesto LinguineBacon and Mushroom Risotto, and Mexican Style Chorizo Hash for a hangover cure the morning after a big night out.

For more information on HelloFresh's expert rating methodology, as well as university details, see HelloFresh's round-up of the top foodie universities in the UK.