Turn Up - Student Voter Registration Campaign

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Students make up a substantial 10% of the voting population, yet our voices will only be heard if we Turn Up at elections. Recognising the importance of student participation, NUS UK has partnered with the British Youth Council, Generation Rent, and Democracy Classroom to launch Turn Up, the UK’s largest and most ambitious youth and student voter registration campaign to date.

The Importance of Voting in the Election

Voting in elections is crucial for several reasons. It is a fundamental democratic right that allows people to influence the direction of their government and society. For students, voting is particularly important as it provides an opportunity to voice concerns and priorities that directly affect their lives, such as education funding, housing, employment opportunities, and mental health services. By voting, students can help shape policies that reflect their needs and interests, ensuring that their voices are not only heard but also acted upon.

Three Steps to Ensure You're Ready to Turn Up at the General Election

  1. Register to Vote: This is the first and most crucial step in making your voice heard. By registering, you ensure that you are on the electoral roll and eligible to vote in upcoming elections. It's a straightforward process that can be completed online in just a few minutes.

  2. Get Your FREE Voter ID: Voter ID is essential for casting your vote. Normally, obtaining this ID would cost £18, but with the code 'NUS', you can get it for free. This initiative removes a financial barrier that might otherwise prevent students from voting, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate.

  3. Take the Pledge to Vote: Committing to vote in the General Election is a powerful step. By taking the pledge, you will receive all the information you need to be fully prepared on election day. This includes reminders, updates on key issues, and practical voting information.

The Manifesto for Our Future

The Manifesto for our Future is a comprehensive document that reflects the views and aspirations of over 10,000 students and apprentices from across the UK. It presents a bold, radical vision for change, tackling the issues that affect students' lives at their roots.

Three Actions to Support Students' Priorities at the Election

  1. Read the Manifesto for Our Future: The manifesto outlines the key priorities and proposals that are important to students. It covers a range of issues from education funding and mental health support to housing and employment opportunities. By reading it, you can understand the collective demands and aspirations of the student body.

  2. Sign the Petition: Show your support for the manifesto by signing the petition. This collective action demonstrates widespread backing for the issues outlined in the document, putting pressure on policymakers to take them seriously.

  3. Send the Manifesto to Your MP: Ensure that your Member of Parliament is aware of the manifesto and its contents. Sending the manifesto to your MP is a direct way to advocate for the changes that matter to students. It encourages MPs to consider these priorities in their policy decisions and campaign promises.

By participating in these steps, students can significantly influence the political landscape. Turn Up is not just about registering to vote; it's about empowering a generation to take an active role in shaping their future. With your participation, we can ensure that student voices are not only heard but also have a lasting impact. Turn Up and make your vote count!

Richard Evans