University of Sheffield Leads Russell Group in National Student Survey with Top Marks

Saturday, January 20, 2024

The University of Sheffield has triumphantly emerged as the leader in the Russell Group according to the most recent National Student Survey, released on 10 August 2023. In an impressive showcase of academic excellence and student satisfaction, Sheffield has outperformed in several critical areas, marking a significant achievement for the institution.

Survey Highlights:

  • Over 335,000 final-year students across the UK participated in the survey, with Sheffield rising to the top amongst the esteemed 24 universities in the Russell Group.
  • The university shone brightly in assessment and feedback, as well as in its Students' Union offerings, clinching the number one spot in these categories.
  • Additionally, Sheffield proudly ranked within the top three for learning opportunities, student voice, and mental health support, further cementing its commitment to student welfare.
  • Notably, the university also featured prominently in the top five for learning resources, academic support, organisation, and management.
  • The survey introduced a new question on freedom of expression this year, and Sheffield's high ranking in this area reflects its dedication to fostering an environment where diverse opinions and beliefs are welcomed and respected.

University Officials Respond: Professor Koen Lamberts, the esteemed President and Vice-Chancellor, expressed immense satisfaction with the survey results, acknowledging the diligent efforts of the university staff and the Students' Union. He stressed the importance of student feedback in continually enhancing the Sheffield experience.

Lily Byrne, the President of Sheffield Students’ Union, praised the combined efforts of staff and students in creating a welcoming and inclusive community. The survey results, she noted, are a testament to their dedication to fostering a space where student voices are not only heard but are instrumental in shaping the university experience.

The NSS results are a clear indication of the University of Sheffield's exemplary performance across a range of disciplines, including architecture, East Asian studies, engineering, and nursing. This recognition highlights the university's unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding educational experiences, backed by a strong focus on student support and engagement, setting a benchmark for excellence in higher education.