Reiki Share for Healers and Students

Saturday, January 13, 2024 Studio 6, Unit 3, Scott Hall Mills

It's so easy for many of us to slip into the habit of giving without taking the time to receive. Reiki shares give us an opportunity to do not only that but to come together, gain and share experience, and receive healing Reiki energy from multiple people within the Reiki community.

Whether you’re gaining experience towards your Reiki training, coming back to the practice after some time away, or wanting to connect with others who have also been Reiki attuned, Reiki shares are of huge benefit and value.

What To Expect:

We'll sit in circle and share our Reiki journey’s before practicing a Reiki meditation. Afterwards, everyone will receive an attunement healing from myself before we get down to some sharing. Each participant will take a turn on the treatment bed, while the rest of the group offer healing together. We’ll take it in turns until everyone has had a chance to receive.

Who is This For?

This workshop is for anyone who has been Reiki attuned. It doesn’t matter whether this was recent, or many years ago. Nor does it matter where, or with who, you did your training.

About the venue:

Studio 6 is on the second floor and therefore has limited accessibility. Please contact us for any further information. On street parking is available at the venue. Part of this workshop is floor based, please get in touch if you have mobility issues.

About Your Host:

Eva Lake is a Reiki Master Teacher, Sound Healer, Rituals and Ceremonies facilitator, space holder and Soul Doula. Deeply called to honour the ways in which life encourages and forces us to grow, Eva’s passionate about recognising and celebrating all the transitions and changes that life has to offer. By acknowledging and appreciating our emotions, strengths, weaknesses and achievements, we can lead more fulfilling and balanced lives.

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