Strengthening Mental Health Support in Universities - A Way Forward

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre

Open Forum Events has a deep-rooted history in hosting nationwide conferences that shed light on the mental well-being of young individuals.

We're excited to unveil the "Strengthening Mental Health Support in Universities - A Way Forward" conference, our seventh conference aimed at strengthening mental health support in the Higher Education sector.

Transitioning from school to university is a significant milestone for many young adults. This change, though exhilarating, can sometimes be overwhelming, posing challenges to their mental well-being. Factors like adjusting to a new environment away from home, academic pressures, forming new relationships, and managing finances can make them more susceptible to mental distress.

A 2022 student survey indicated:

52% of the students reported a diagnosed mental health condition.

32% felt their well-being deteriorated after joining the university.

Half considered quitting their courses.

With the alarming fact that 100 students take their own lives annually and almost one-third cite mental health as a primary reason for contemplating leaving university, the urgency for comprehensive mental health support is undeniable.

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