Technology and Innovation: What technology could you not live without at university?

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  1. Posted by
    25 February 2024
    at 3:39 PM

    Hope you're all managing to keep your heads above water with uni life and all its madness. I've been mulling over something lately and thought it’d be brilliant to get your take on it. The question on my mind is: What technology could you absolutely not live without at university?

    For me, it's got to be my laptop and the cloud. Whether it's jotting down notes in lectures, doing a deep dive for essays, or keeping in sync with mates on group projects, my laptop is my lifeline. And with everything up in the cloud, I don't have to panic about losing my essays to a tech mishap.

    I’m dead keen to hear about what tech you lot find essential. Is there an app, gadget, or bit of kit that's a game-changer for your uni experience? Perhaps something that helps you with your studies, keeps you organised, or just helps you chill out after a day of lectures. Let's swap our tech tips – you never know, we might stumble upon something nifty we’ve not tried yet!

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