UCL Graduate creates tutoring service for up and coming Medical School students.

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Designed and created by Dr. Patrice Baptiste, DreamSmartTutors has been created in order to help mentor students looking to take up a career in the Medical profession, which she has been doing solo since training as a medical student.


The desire to become a doctor is one some feel from childhood, but the pressure to actually become a doctor is usually first felt at GCSE level, or when you decide to take you’re A-levels. For those who have gone on to study, the pressure to become a doctor becomes too great; which is why medical and medicine related courses report some of the highest dropout rates across the country.

However, much of this pressure partly comes from the fact that many students do not expect doctoring to be as hard as it is, with medical students reporting that much of their pressure is from ‘not expecting what is next’, more so than the responsibilities doctors face, or pressures from home. (StudentTimes Poll)

But what if the fear of the unexpected was taken away before students ever decided to become medical practitioners? Well, in theory, it should make the entire experience of becoming a doctor a lot easier to manage. It also means that companies like DreamSmartTutors; who aim to prepare and develop potential medical students, are more valuable now than ever.

Officially established in April 2016, DreamSmartTutors is the brainchild of UCL’s Medical School Graduate; Dr. Patrice Baptiste. Graduating in 2013, Dr. Baptiste has used the her experiences and knowledge of the medical profession to create a peer-to-peer mentoring and tutoring scheme, which has culminated in ‘DreamSmartTutors’, a programme which aims to prepare the next generation of prospective medical students to become the next generation of medical professionals.

“The Service I provide is all about showing how becoming a doctor requires you to be a well-rounded individual. Yes you need to have great grades in school, but you need to have good written and verbal communication skills in addition to excellent interpersonal skills.”

It is why Dream Smart does not only focus on mentoring students to produce the best grades, but also provides bespoke training courses, which varies from in-depth personal statement and CV reviews to career talks for schools. The level of variety Dr. Baptiste offers has meant that DreamSmartTutors has gone from a one-person team, to a network of medical students and doctors who are able to contribute to working with the students.

“The plan is to have a reach a larger number of students by the end of Autumn.” Dr. Baptise tells me during our interview. Such an ambition does bring with it challenge, though it matches perfectly with the “dream big” portion of the organisations motto.

Currently, DreamSmartTutors aims to work with a wide variety of students, from those who feel they know what they need to do to get into medical school but need help with particular areas they have identified, to students who are completely lost in a challenging application process. The organisation also aims to work with schools and charities in order to help as many students as possible.

As such, it is easy to see that Dr. Baptiste and DreamSmartTutors are dedicated to creating the next generation of medical practitioners.


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