Making grad jobs a reality not a myth

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So you’ve finished your degree, but what next? You’re now faced with the daunting prospect of trying to secure a job. You’re often told the same advice; tailor your CV, write your cover letter like so, wear this to an interview, be careful what you put on social media etc. While this is good, common sense advice, and worth repeating, it doesn’t really address the real issue worrying upcoming grads – what if I can’t get a job?

Here we wanted to dispel four common negative myths out there about the working world to give you the confidence to find and secure your first job:

Myth One: There are no jobs for graduates


While numbers of university graduates are increasing, employers actually expect to increase their graduate job vacancies by 11% in 2018. Although you may hear the media say there are no graduate jobs out there, just keep at it, even if seeing your dream take longer than you thought it would. While looking for your dream don’t dismiss temporary work; it can help get you ready for the world of work, by providing you with valuable experience, skills and connection – all of which will set you apart from the competition and give you confidence in a work and interview environment.

Myth Two: Doing a degree guarantees you a good job


While putting in three or four years to earn a degree used to be enough to land your dream job – sadly it isn’t anymore. Of course, you’ll always hear of one friend lucky to land their dream job straight away, but for most this is not the case. Give yourself a competitive edge by taking the initiative to increase your skill-set. Take online courses or volunteer at charities; whatever you choose make sure you are constantly finding ways to add value to your CV. Doing this will give you the confidence in yourself that you have enough skills to get you the job you are after.

I have to get on the big graduate schemes


Big graduate schemes may seem like the Holy Grail – and missing out is a cause for despair, however, this is not the case at all. Thousands of smaller and medium sized businesses are desperate to hire young graduates, as well as exciting and fast-paced start ups. By starting your career in a smaller business, you will also have more access to senior management, giving you the opportunity to build some important relationships, which may work in your favour later down the line. You can find plenty of smaller businesses advertising graduate jobs via the Monster Job Search App. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up working at the next Tinder, Facebook or Deliveroo?

If you don’t go to a Russell Group uni, you won’t get a job 


This is not the case at all. If you have a strong CV with relevant work experience and it is clear that you are passionate about the job you’re applying for and industry then it doesn’t matter if you didn’t go to a Russel Group uni. Skill, experience and person are what employers are looking for!

Don’t get downbeat about the process, even though it can feel like you’re going nowhere especially if your friends have already secured their first job and you’re still applying. Be confident that you are doing the best you can and before you know it you will find yourself in the perfect role to kick start your post-graduate career.

By Sinead Bunting, VP of Marketing Europe


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