Graduate and Careers Advice - November 2021

  • 10 Struggles you face when searching for a job after uni

    Posted on Saturday, November 20, 2021 by Ian ThomasNo comments

    Panic soon sets in for those of you who still haven’t the foggiest what to do for a career, or each time you conveniently learn about “everyone” else at uni securing that new job at that fancy marketing firm, or just being successful in general. Below are some typical struggles you’ve become quite accustomed to, and are getting pretty damn tired of by now. Being asked on a daily basis “so have ...

  • Next steps after graduation

    Posted on Friday, November 5, 2021 by Ian ThomasNo comments

    If you don’t already have long-term career plans it can sometimes be hard to figure out what you should do straight after university. But if that’s you, don’t worry. Many graduates take time to find their career path, and sometimes it’s hard to work out what kind of job or career is right for you until you try different things (ie through work experience). Sometimes it helps to separate the ...