10 Struggles you face when searching for a job after uni

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Panic soon sets in for those of you who still haven’t the foggiest what to do for a career, or each time you conveniently learn about “everyone” else at uni securing that new job at that fancy marketing firm, or just being successful in general.

Below are some typical struggles you’ve become quite accustomed to, and are getting pretty damn tired of by now.
Being asked on a daily basis “so have you got a job yet?”

No, strangely enough my job situation didn’t miraculously change since the last 5 minutes ago you asked. So on behalf of all students still searching, please stop asking, we promise we’ll be bursting to tell you once we have. Get it? Got it? GOOD.

Not knowing what you want to do

So many options, so many possibilities. It’s pretty exciting to think you can do absolutely anything if you work hard enough for it. Like that guy on the money supermarket advert who must be reaping in those rewards after his infamous dance to The Pussycat Dolls. Job description – must be able to twerk.

Selectively applying for “good jobs” and settling for anything

At the start you probably thought one application every now and again to that highly paid dream job was realistic…and slowly it becomes apparent how competitive the job market is for graduates. If you’re not getting replies then taking some time to tailor your CV to be aligned with the job in mind may not be the worst idea…bloody long though.

Hearing rejection after rejection

It’s like dating but for careers. You’ve got to take it less personally. You know like not getting that match on Tinder…seriously you’ll get over it.

Constantly hearing about other people’s new jobs

*checks Facebook and sees every person from uni posting their new job, proceeds to deactivate Facebook, erase internet history, burn computer and move to Sweden.

Realising that being in your home town sucks

The transition from a raucous uni accommodation to a family home was not what you had imagined when you came back with a degree. Helpful advice? Fight with siblings for control of the TV and always stay in charge. Gotta let them know whose boss.

Becoming so bored of daytime TV

There’s only so much Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women you can watch everyday before you start questioning your very existence.

Wanting to go travelling

Having absolutely no commitments and no career in mind could be the perfect opportunity to go and explore the world and (excuse the cliché) yourself. The only thing is, travelling costs money, money that you don’t have. Better start saving up…or you know sell everything you own, buy the next single to no man’s land and take a mandatory Instagram picture of you holding someone’s hand on a journey. #free #yolo

Searching for part time jobs

There’s absolutely no shame in taking a step back by working in a more medial part time job while you figure out exactly what you want to do. It might seem like a waste of time initially but at least you’re earning.


“That guy who gave my CV a first at uni lied to me…God I picked the wrong course”.

The truth is its natural to feel panicky at this stage. To be honest if you don’t you either landed your dream job swiftly before finishing, or you’re a sociopath (just kidding, maybe just a liar). Just remember you’re not alone and realistically you have 50+ years of work ahead of you (give or take 10), so take it easy champ, you’ve got a long exciting road ahead of you.

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