7 Ways to Beat Your Driving Anxiety

Thursday, April 21, 2022

As driving tests resume for many across the UK, young learners are beginning the journey of rebuilding their confidence and skills in the driving seat. For some learners, this is an anxious time as the break has left them feeling anxious about taking their test.

To aid young people during this time, the experts at Marmalade have put together some simple tips on how to combat those nerves.

1) Keep in touch with your driving instructor

For learner drivers, not speaking to your instructor for such a long duration can increase the anxiety you are feeling. To prepare for your test in lockdown, we recommend keeping in touch with your instructor via Zoom or other video call platforms to support your private practice and off-road development.

2) Try out YouTube or other driving simulators

If you don’t have the ability to practice in someone else’s car whilst you cannot see your driving instructor, try out YouTube or other driving visualisations to remind you of the basics of the road and familiarise yourself with the concept of being in the driver seat.

3) Engage in commentary driving

Whenever you are in the car, don’t be afraid to call out the shots whilst your friends or family are driving. Paying close attention whilst they are driving and engage in commentary as to what their next move should be. This can be a useful way to prepare for your test without being the person physically behind the wheel.

4) Reflect on what makes you nervous

Whilst you are at home, really take the time to reflect on what makes you nervous when you are thinking about your driving test. What is triggering those feelings and how does it make you feel? If you can pinpoint the exact cause, it will become less of a surprise and you will be able to better recognise the feeling before it overwhelms you.

5) Get back to driving as soon as possible

Getting back into the driving seat is really important to help you in reducing the ‘unknown’. Tackling your anxiety head-on will mean you can familiarise yourself again with driving before your test date arrives. When your driving instructor starts lessons again, make sure you book yourself in for a preliminary lesson to test the waters and see how your progress has changed.

6) Check out your test centre

Visiting your local test centre can be incredibly beneficial so you can understand the social distancing measures they will have in place on the day. It will also mean you will have something to visualise when you imagine yourself taking the test, aiding you in easing your nerves for the event.

7) Get your theory test passed

Lockdown has significantly increased the test waiting times across the country, making it imperative for you to book in and pass your theory test. Without your theory test, you cannot book your practical making it crucial to organise as soon as you can to get you one step closer to being a fully-fledged driver!