Top tips for energy saving during the cost-of-living crisis

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

As the cost-of-living crisis takes firm hold this winter, we are all searching for ways to keep our household bills to a minimum. Many of us are wondering how to save money through appliances and general electricity use. Having a student house or busy student life means that it isn’t always possible to consider doing less washing, but we can adapt how we use energy to cut some costs.

Here, Ecoegg shares four top energy saving tips for you and your family to try:

1. Swap to cost efficient laundry products

  • Laundry products can be expensive and when you are already paying more to run your machine, you can cut costs by buying products that last for a large amount of washes, or are refillable
  • the ecoeggLaundry Egg starts at 14p per wash and then becomes 10p per wash when refilled. There is a ten-year guarantee on the egg itself and you can go 50-70 washes without having to think about spending any more money on refills
  • You can also try similar cost-efficient products for your dishwasher and cleaning products too

2. Consider your wash loads and frequency of washes

  • There are certain types of clothing that don’t need to be washed after every wear, like jeans and jumpers, meaning that you can save on the amount of washes by wearing your clothes for longer
  • Try not to put half loads of washing on. By waiting until you have a full load, you make sure that you are using your energy efficiently and only spending the money that you need to spend. Your washing machine should be full enough so that your clothes can still move and you can put your hand above the load and turn it 90 degrees

3. Use the smart features of your machine and try colder cycles

  • Running your machine at a lower temperature can reduce the energy usage of your washing machine by half. Washing at 30 degrees is more efficient as most of the energy used by your machine is through heating up the water
  • Try out the smart features of your machine, such as quick washes to save time and energy or many machines also have an ‘eco’ mode
  • You can also hand wash or pre-soak a lot of different clothing items to make sure it doesn’t need to be washed for as long. Stains are much easier to remove when they have been pre-soaked

4. Consider different drying options

  • A great way to save energy is to dry your washing on the line in the sun, but we know that this isn’t always an option with British weather and indoor clothes airers can take forever when the weather is cold
  • Alternatively, use our Dryer Eggs to reduce your drying time by up to 28%. Ourfragrance free dryer eggsare a great option for easing energy usage


In these difficult financial times, we know that any small savings could make a huge amount of difference to the average family’s purse. We’re confident our eco-friendly range of laundry and cleaning products will help save you money and protect the environment.” says Ell Brown, Marketing Executive at ecoegg UK.

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